Team Signable

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We’re Team Signable!

We’re the people who make sure that your documents get signed so that you can focus on getting your work done.

Here’s a little bit more about what we do when we’re not thinking e-signatures…

Olly Culverhouse, C.E.O. AKA “Le Grande Fromage”.

 Mr. Culverhouse is the creator of Signable and our illustrious leader. Olly graduated from Swansea University in 2007 with a degree in Internet Studies where he went on to start his first company Centation and then later Signable in 2012. At the office Olly is always on hand to talk anything business related. And actually, even outside business hours he still likes to talk business. But he’s also partial to a bit of football.

Sue Farrance, Head of Customer Success.

 Sue is Signable’s Sue-per Woman when it comes to customer service. Sue met Olly through networking in 2013 and has since become the friendly voice greeting customers when they call in. Sue is always on hand to answer any queries you guys have, and when she’s not charming customers in work she enjoys rockabilly and has a major soft spot for all things Tiki related (and of course, her shoe collection).

Nick Elston, Head of Partnerships.

 Nick also met Olly whilst networking and through a shared interest in football (specifically Bristol Rovers games) they became good friends. Nick is your wingman when it comes to teaming up businesses with Signable and also spends a lot of time speaking at events. When he’s speaking to the masses Nick is a big football fan and can regularly be found at a Bristol Rovers game, listening to country music or concentrating on personal development.

Jessie Davies, Content Queen.

 Jessie joined Signable as one half of its first marketing team in 2016 to claim her Content Queen status. Jessie is the one who makes the bits you see, read or watch on the website, or anywhere online really. When she’s not shouting about Signable Jessie can be found going to gigs, usually at The Fleece, playing Pokemon, or on long walks out of the city taking lots of pictures.

Rob Bluck, Digital Marketing Maverick.

 Hailing from Reading, Rob came to Bristol and joined as the second half to Signable’s first marketing team and is the guy that sorts our SEO and prods you with emails. When he’s not in working as a Digital Marketing Maverick he is a long suffering Reading FC supporter and enjoys spending time watching football, TV and films.

Olivia Baxter. Customer Success Champion

 Olivia, or Liv as she prefers, came to Signable aaaall the way from Auckland, New Zealand. Liv is one of our friendly voices you meet when you call us, and she’ll be your girl when it comes to using your Signable account to it’s full potential. When Liv isn’t helping customers she can be found admiring architecture, hiking (*cough* walking *cough*) or playing World of Warcraft.

Some people who love us are…

  • Fletchers Solicitors
  • Zipcar
  • Harrington Brooks
  • Utility Wise
  • Brinkleys
  • Whistl