10 days of SQL wisdom with MJ: Exploring the transformative magic of SQL!

10 days of SQL wisdom with MJ: Exploring the transformative magic of SQL!

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Marijn Quartel (MJ), our business data analyst extraordinaire, reflects on his 10-day SQL series, delving into the transformative journey through data mastery.

As the year comes to a close, I’ve chosen to wrap up the year with a 10-day SQL series which I’ve shared on my LinkedIn profile. SQL is one of the main languages used by Data Analysts and it is becoming even more important, especially with the growing usage of tools such as BigQuery for GA4. Throughout the series, we delved into fundamentals, execution order, hands-on practices, and more, catering to both beginners and seasoned data analysts.

I’ve whipped up a quick rundown of the fantastic 10-day series for you below – think of it as the bite-sized version. But hey, if you’re looking for a deeper dive into the series and want a more comprehensive overview, click here for a more in-depth summary. Happy reading, and enjoy the journey!

Here’s a quick recap of the series:

Day 1: We kicked off with a simple query, laying the groundwork for SELECT, FROM, and WHERE.

Day 2: Figured out the order of execution with a catchy phrase – “Frogs Wear Green Hats, Singing ‘Oh, Let’s leap!’”

Day 3: Got hands-on with a SQL playground, writing and expanding our own queries.

Day 4: Took it easy on Saturday, unravelling the top three SQL terms – SQL, Database, and Tables.

Day 5: Explored different SQL data types – INT, VARCHAR, DATE – to understand how data is stored.

Day 6: Delved into data aggregations with COUNT, SUM, and AVG, essential for data analysis.

Day 7: Explored the world of JOINS, learning how to merge tables like a pro.

Day 8: Crafted clean queries, because tidy code is the key to happy collaboration.

Day 9: Shared some valuable learning resources – YouTube, Codecademy, and Data Community.

Day 10: Wrapped it up with a quick recap of the SQL journey. From basics to JOINS and clean code, it’s been a blast!
I had a blast sharing this SQL series with you. If you enjoyed the ride, remember, for a more in-depth read, please do click here. Give me a follow on LinkedIn for more regular updates, and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to dive deeper into the SQL world or have any questions. Here’s to an exciting data-filled journey in 2024!