4 Ways electronic signatures can make life easier for small businesses

4 Ways electronic signatures can make life easier for small businesses

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What is an electronic signature?

Put simply an electronic signature is the digitised version of a paper-based signature and is in this case on an electronic document. The important part is that electronic signatures are just as legally binding as handwritten signatures and, if anything, are actually a more secure signing process.

How can electronic signatures help small businesses?

Running an SME or small business obviously has its set of unique challenges. So, anything that can save you time or money and give you some peace of mind is not to be dismissed. We’ve put together a quick list of reasons why small businesses should be using electronic signatures.

1 – Send documents anywhere, anytime and from any device.

It’s 2am, you want to send a document halfway around the world and you’ve only got a smartphone to hand? Not a problem, seriously, as long as you’re connected to the internet you can send documents including PDFs anywhere at any time from any device. Signable is compatible with all manner of desktops, mobiles and tablets and signing documents online is straightforward for the signer too, so no worries there!

2 – Get an instant response, keep track of who has and hasn’t signed and increase your sign rate.

No more waiting around on couriers or the postman, you send the electronic document to be digitally signed, it arrives in the signer’s inbox instantly. This means the documents will arrive when it’s at the top of their mind, they won’t have time to get cold feet or put it off.

You’ll be able to watch your sign rate go up, keep track of anyone who is still yet to sign (meaning you’ll know who to send a reminder to) and get a full audit log of everything from the point of sending. 

You can keep track of this all in one place which means less time spent checking in to see if your important documents have even arrived at their intended destination yet or who hasn’t signed a document yet and spend time on more important things.

3 – Reduce office clutter and the materials you need to spend money on.

Documents are stored in the cloud meaning you don’t have to find room for physical documents in your workspace, especially useful if you’re already struggling to find room for everything in the first place. Sending everything electronically means no paper costs and no printing costs either. You can also be safe in the knowledge that you’re helping the environment whilst you’re at it!

Just think how many trees could be saved if all your contracts and documents past, present and future went digital.

4 – Electronic Signatures are legally binding and secure.

Yep, legal and safe. According to eIDAS regulations, any document you send between two European Union countries is secure, legally binding and regulated under the Electronic Identification authentication and trust service agreement. Types of electronic signatures, including those provided by Signable, are 100% safe and secure with SSL encryption and only accessible with your permission. You can trust service will run smoothly with Signable.

So you know what an electronic signature is, what’s next?

Signable is the electronic signature solution to help your business, but don’t take our word for it. Try Signable’s free trial, it takes a few minutes to set up and then you’ll be able to send documents free for 14 days!

We offer a plan for companies of all shapes and sizes, for small businesses we recommend our ‘Small Business’ plan (of course!) or alternatively our Pay As You Go plan which sees you only pay for the documents you send out!