Quick eSignature Hints and Tips

Quick eSignature Hints and Tips

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Signable’s Top eSignature Tips

Whether you’re an eSignature rookie or consider yourself an expert when it comes to sending and signing electronic documents online we’ve put together a handful of tips to help you use legally binding online signatures.

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Prompt signer to sign your documents with a reminder email

So you’ve sent uploaded your document, added your drag and drop fields and sent it. Now you’re playing the waiting game, and it feels like it’s taking forever! If your signer takes a bit longer to sign a document than expected, let Signable do the hard work.

Setting reminders is a great way to nudge your signer without being too intrusive. These can be set between 24 hours up to 1 week after your document is sent.

As well as being a subtle way to prompt customers, it’s a great way to save you time and get documents signed quicker.

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Sign the document before it is sent to your client

By adding yourself as a signer and completing your part of the process before your clients; it means as soon as your document is signed, every party will instantly receive a copy of it via email.

Signable also securely stores your documents in one place using cloud storage, making them easy to search within your account.

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Use online application forms with your eSignatures

Signable gives customers the option to embed a signing page onto your website to make the whole signing process even easier for your customers.

In practice what this means is if you have a standard form that all customers complete before they actually become a customer, then this sounds like it could be the perfect route for you!

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Send new employees their employment contracts electronically

Electronic signatures are a good way to give new employees a great first impression of your business and get employment contracts back in the same day. First impressions go a long way and esigning can help show that your organisation are innovative and forward thinking!

Using Signable is also a great way to get new starter forms signed quickly too. Not to mention that you can save templates (including PDF files, Microsoft Word documents and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets) and use them as many times as you like. So if you’re a growing organisation then you’ll be saving yourself a ton of time every time you bring in a new member to the team! Pretty useful right?

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Password protect your electronic documents for extra security

Why not make your documents even more secure by password protecting them through Signable? A password will be requested before a document can be opened. you won’t get that with a handwritten signature!

This is simple to set up via Signable, and is great for highly confidential contracts, documents containing sensitive information or just peace of mind.

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