Grow your Sales Skills with SaaS Affiliate Schemes

Grow your Sales Skills with SaaS Affiliate Schemes

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How Affiliate Schemes can help you & How our Signable Affiliate programme works

Whether you’re just looking for a better work/life balance or you’re looking to get some practical experience in sales, affiliate schemes offer huge benefits. With the affiliate industry growing fast and 81% of brands using affiliate schemes to grow their income, there’s so much to choose from!

You might think, hang on, affiliate marketing, isn’t that the obviously fake advocacy I see influencers on instagram talking about? Well, yes, but it’s all about the type of products you choose to sell and become affiliated with.

Why choose a SaaS affiliate scheme?

Software affiliate schemes can often be a better fit if you’re trying to improve your sales skills. By looking at software as a service, or SaaS, affiliate schemes you can sell products that provide solutions to problems many businesses have. Meaning you can use a different range of selling points like product demos, trial periods and a whole host of plan sizes tailored to different types of businesses. 

As you’re not necessarily selling a physical product, it can take more skill to sell, but when you do nurture a lead onto a monthly plan, you’ll be collecting that commission for months or even years down the line. This is where SaaS products are far more lucrative than physical products that provide commission on the one-off sales you make. 

How much could I make? 

The commission rates vary depending on what scheme you enrol on, but it’s often the case that the % commission for each sale will be slightly lower than say Amazon’s affiliate scheme. But as we mentioned above you’ll likely be collecting a monthly recurring commission on every customer you’ve referred. 

So, for example, if your scheme pays out a 10% commission on every paying customer you refer, this is what you could be earning.


You refer 20 customers in one month onto a medium plan that’s £49 per month

You get: £98 for the first month

The following month you refer 20 customers onto a medium plan of £49 per month, and 20 customers onto a large business plan of £119 per month

That’s £336

Add this to the customers you already referred last month

So in 2 months you’ve earned a recurring monthly income of £434

Which works out at 5,208 a year!

Not bad for two month’s work…

Signable Affiliate programme

We weren’t going to talk about affiliate schemes without mentioning our own scheme. The above example is based on our plan prices and our commission of 10%. So, for every paying customer, you refer onto a monthly plan you’ll get 10% every single month for as long as they’re a customer with us. 

We also have bespoke plans especially for those customers that only want to send a large number of people the same document to sign off. We pay commission on these referrals too, so they’re some big money earners. 

If you’d like to learn more about how bulk sending works, email our customer success team on

If we’ve interested you and you’d like to get some more information about our affiliate scheme, take a look around our affiliates page below.

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