Finding the right Business Software is like a game of Quiddtich

Finding the right Business Software is like a game of Quiddtich

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The wizarding world of Harry Potter took over the reading lists of both children and adults ever since it’s release back in 1997. Given its world, it’s hard to imagine how you could draw comparisons to learn some lessons about running a company. Or even find the right business software. But, stay with us…

Surprisingly, the premier sport of Quidditch gives a great analogy as to how a business operates and searches for software. While analytics can help you make future business decisions, sometimes you need to look no further than your bookshelf.

The Rules Of Quidditch

If you’re unfamiliar with Harry Potter, the rules of Quidditch are easy enough to understand. The main players you need to worry about are:

  • The Keeper (the goalkeeper)
  • The Seeker (tries to catch the Golden Snitch)
  • The Chasers (who chase the ball)
  • The Beaters (who hit pissed-off, enchanted balls at other players).

The Snitch Is Business Software

You can think of a Quidditch match as two competing businesses going at each other. The Chasers resemble your sales team, trying to score goals (make sales). Beaters and the bludgers they throw at the Chasers would represent roadblocks during your sales processes, such as customer objections, budget issues, etc.

The most important role is of the Seeker, who resembles the role of the IT department. Similar to the Seeker, the IT department are always working in the background. The core game (Chasers trying to score goals) goes on independent of any actions of the Seeker. However, if the Seeker does their job correctly, the entire team will benefit.

That’s because business software helps the sales team make sales. It helps warehouse workers manage inventory, helps managers make decisions via reporting, the list goes on. Basically, it’s pretty important!

Without the IT department, the business itself would not be able to operate as effectively as possible. Sure, the business could rely on Chasers (sales), but they’ll have to worry more about falling off their broom (obstacles). They’d also have the added stress of the team’s success or failure solely on their shoulders.

If your IT department resembles the Seeker then the Snitch resembles the perfect business software. Once the IT department is able to snatch that right business software, your team (thebusiness) is in a much better position to win the game (make more sales) against your competition.

If your business thinks it’s ready for a business software upgrade, it’s best to know just why it may be needed.

Business Software: Why is it needed?

We’ve explained how the IT department can “grab the Snitch” and help the team win, but why is software needed in the first place? If the majority of the game (running the business) can be played independent of your Seeker (the IT department), isn’t software less of a necessity?

Most software has been proven to help grow your business, but a lot of people lack a proper understanding of the pros of automation and efficiency. Luckily, your IT staff should be there to help guide your team to victory.

On that note, Signable could be the best Snitch you ever snatch!

Author Bio: Russ Davidson is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Software Connect. When he’s not helping companies find the best software options for their business, he’s watching reruns of Unsolved Mysteries on television. Reading the next Stephen King novel, or trying a new craft beer. His love of the Harry Potter series lets him find comparisons for all of life’s situations.