5 films for estate agents | Signable seals the deal

5 films for estate agents | Signable seals the deal

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It is so easy to get caught up in the frenzy of moving house that the fear of missing out can have a nasty habit of making even the most level-headed of house buyers turn into monsters of estate agents.

We realised that there are plenty of movies out there that perfectly compliment the various stages that house buyers pass through, so without further ado, we present to you: the 5 stages of moving house and the perfect movies to accompany them.

1. Naive optimism – The Truman Show

Every house hunt starts on a high, but slowly suspicion and doubt sink in, until (hopefully) there is a happy ending, all provided by you, the estate agents.

The house buyer is going on one of the biggest adventures of their life – they are full of naive optimism, like Bambi learning to walk, and then they face adversity, which they overcome until they get their happy ending (fingers crossed).

2. Planning the raids and executing the search – Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty, a movie about the greatest search of all time. A search largely driven by one truly focussed and dedicated gal. And it is this rottweiler persona that your buyers adopt in their quest to hunt down their ultimate prize.

Zero Dark Thirty replicates perfectly how they leave no stone unturned and follow up every lead, no matter how tiny it is. And when they have that hunch that they’ve found the one, they don’t have to be 100% certain before they go in for the kill, but they have to be prepared to commit to following it through if they do.

3. Thinking outside of the box – Apollo 13

Your house hunters have found a potential winner, but it isn’t quite their dream home, yet.

Estate agents are the ones who have to persuade them to look beyond the superficial, and Apollo 13 is the perfect movie for this. A movie about facing adversity and beating the odds by doing something so outrageous, that it might just pay off.

What value they could add to the estate: could they dig down into the basement, extend up through the roof or out into the garden?

4. Play good cop bad cop with the vendors – Bad Boys II

You know that the vendors are hiding something. The house buyers know this too.

They are like bloodhounds, sniffing down a scent.

You watch them befriend the vendors and try to get them to talk: why are they leaving? Because they want a bigger house or because HS2 is about to be built at the bottom of the garden?

They try all the tricks in the book: they are charming, and if that doesn’t work, they switch it up. They casually mention how they’d hate to have to pull out of the deal later on because something came up in the survey that they didn’t know about…

If it worked for the boys in Bad Boys II, they figure it’ll work for them.

5. Sorting their finances – Point Break

If they’re at this stage of their house search they will hopefully know their budget and have a mortgage agreement in principle in place.

You should probably also mention to them that Signable are one of the most affordable e-signature providers, helping speed along the conveyancing process. You know they help estate agents all over the UK to seal the deal, so it’s good to ensure their documents are in good hands. 

If however, they are only just getting their finances sorted, the ex-presidents in Point Break are (in your mind) fast becoming a potential reality.

Be kind to your house hunters, make sure they realise just how tough moving is before they start. Tell them to do their research and avoid getting caught out later on down the line.

And they should ALWAYS think resale, the future just isn’t certain.

Author Bio: Alexandra Johnson is a content creator at Property Solvers. When she isn’t writing at her desk, she daydreams about being a competent surfer, not the drowned rat on a foam board she actually is. More time spent watching Point Break required.  If you’re interested in reading more about how we can help estate agents click here. If you think you could think of better film choices, comment below!