ClickMechanic is an online marketplace, that allows users to easily book a mobile mechanic for their car repair. They offer a service that can call out and get a fixed-price quote from a UK mechanic then and there.

Why were we the best solution?

ClickMechanic needed a way to streamline their process of adding new mechanics to their network. With each mechanic needing to sign a code of conduct and standard terms and conditions, it was a lot of paper to be sent.

“It would make the process a lot quicker and also make it a lot easier to track and record who and when the terms have been signed.”

They’d previously used eSignatures, but wanted the right fit for them.

“We compared a lot of the options and decided that Signable offered us the most comprehensive and cost effective solution”.

Now they send over a hundred documents a month with us.

What results have they seen?

Since opting for eSignature software, ClickMechanic have saved time and a heap of money sending out new terms and conditions to every, single mechanic on their network, across the UK. They’re able to send whenever they like, even outside of office hours and value how they can instantly see when a mechanic has signed the envelope. 

This means they’ve been able to onboard far more mechanics to their system, faster than they ever could have using traditional methods.

Having used Signable for a year or so, and the benefits already showing for Click Mechanic we have continued to grow and Signable has continued to be a cornerstone.”

Any issues? 

Click Mechanic haven’t run into many problems, as they’ve found the software quite straight-forward “the software was incredibly easy to use”.

If there are any issues, our customers need to feel like they’re going to get a proper reply from a real human. As with all our customers, Click Mechanic received top-notch support from our customer success team, and seems it’s not gone unnoticed.

“The support that Signable provides is incredibly useful. When our Sales team have had any queries, contacting Signable customer support has been easy, and they have been helpful…the agents seem very knowledgeable.”

We welcome any feedback any of our customers have, but with the ease of use and simple adopt into your processes, we love to hear that you like us as we are!

“Signable’s software has proved very useful for us and we have integrated it into our day-to-day, so we wouldn’t change anything about it!”

Any last words?

“In one sentence, Signable has greatly assisted Click Mechanic’s recruitment of UK-based mechanics by saving them time and money”.

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