Level39 Case Study

Level39 Case Study

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Who are Level39?

Level39 is Europe’s largest technology incubator hosting 200 start-ups, scale-ups and corporate innovation labs. They organise events and sessions with experts to help grow the companies they host. 

Their members focus on innovating and disrupting a wide range of industries including FinTech, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, RegTech, IoT, smart cities, retail tech, blockchain and many more.

Qaunain Meghjee is The Head of Technology at Level39 and is in charge of software, hardware, networking, building infrastructure,  IoT, technology transformation and digital member management.

Their Problem…

Level39 has various different offerings for its member companies, hireable event areas and multiple suppliers resulting in them having a range of different contracts and agreements that need to be sent, signed and reviewed by multiple team members and stakeholders.

“The solution we needed was a system that was fully web-based, secure, established and let creators make and edit documents for sending with ease, on any device.”

They were also looking for something that could deal with their capacity of up to 50 documents a month.

Our Solution…

Signable allowed for speedy setup and management, with a tool that lets Qaunain easily give limited access to as many team members as required whilst being cost-effective.

“I never got round to fully testing all of my team and company requirements upon signing up for the trial period, so when I knew I would have the time to test Signable, I was able to message support (who are super responsive), and they extended my trial period making the buying process smooth.”

The transition was super smooth, especially as Signable only focus on the core elements you need when uploading and sending documents whilst also making team/user management very straightforward.

Why did they choose Signable?


Our Customer Success Team works hard to make sure all questions & queries are answered as soon as possible, and Level39 named this as one of their top reasons for choosing us.

“Great support, most of the time it was same-day responses.”


Level39 were drawn in by the number of features available including custom branding and multiple editable email templates, as well as easy reminders. 

With a strong growth strategy in place, Level39 loved the feature of unlimited users as part of the subscription, meaning Signable stays cost-effective. Coupled with this was the creation, editing and sending of e-signature documents by all permitted users.

“Allowed us to organise business workflows by creating multi-user teams with their own permissions.”

UX & user ease

With Signable being purely web-based with a simple interface and UI/UX, team members could easily send and sign on all devices (web, tablet, mobile). Qaunain also loved that dashboard was simple and easy for super-users to review all activity.

“Signable has such solid document tracking, logs and the ability to automatically send copies of the signed document to their respective internal departments.”

How has Signable impacted Level39?

1) Automation;  Documents with multiple signatories and reviewers manage themselves and don’t require time and resources from our customers or my team. 

2) Multi-user and departmental ability to sign and manage e-sign documents, again allowing for speeding up of business processes and reducing bottlenecks.

“Signable has allowed us to save hundreds of hours of not just our time but also our customers and members time because there is no more need for 2-4 meetings per a document that needs signing by multiple parties. This means we can execute faster for our members and not waste our teams’ resources.”

How was our Support?

We had a few tricky questions and gave some feature requests. On all occasions, the support team were super responsive and quick. They made sure to test what I was saying so they could understand it, they submitted internal feature requests and resolved any bugs or questions.

“On all occasions, the support team were super responsive and quick.”

Would they recommend us? 

If it wasn’t clear so far:


“What makes Signable great is the pricing includes unlimited users making this a tool that grows with businesses.”