Optex Signable Case Study

Optex Signable Case Study

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Optex (Europe) Limited

OPTEX is the leading manufacturer of detection systems and a global solutions provider. They have two headquarters in Europe, each dedicated to a specific business domain (Security and Entrance), aiming to be the number one in their respective specialist markets based on a strong customer-oriented strategy.

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Why did OPTEX need Signable? 

Primarily Signable was introduced as a means for our Department Managers to authorise purchase invoices. We were looking for a way to reduce paper and better track our supplier invoices and Signable was clearly the best solution.

We now use Signable for a range of tasks including sending agreements and contracts to our customers for signature.

What was the transition like?

“The transition was very easy and all users praised the system for its simplicity. The sign up process was very quick and simple, so overall a very easy switch.”
Optex (Europe) Limited

How’s business improved since switching? 

Signable has enabled us to dramatically reduce the use of paper and keep track of documents in real time. People can authorise the documents in their own time.

They can also move to the next stage in the process instantaneously, rather than waiting for them to be physically returned.

The biggest gains for us as a Company since adopting Signable:

  • Increase in speed of obtaining signatures
  • Reduction in costs
  • Environmental benefits
  • Ability to track documents
  • No more loss of paper documents

OPTEX’s Top Features

Reminders and branding are features that are really useful to us, particularly when sending to external parties. We’d recommend those.


Allow you to send a reminder email to the signees who haven’t signed yet. Useful to have an automatic reminder sent, rather than losing time following-up with clients manually.


Branding emails and the signing page means the whole process seems very streamlined and professional at every stage. 

Would OPTEX recommend Signable? 

We would recommend Signable to anyone looking to get large quantities of documents signed quickly and easily.

We chose Signable over competitors due to the quality of the product, ease of use and price. They were the key factors for us.

Signable’s support is first class and they are always on hand to assist should you need help.