Change is Good

Change is Good

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Change is Good

People get really funny about change. I, personally, can get quite bored without it. But, given my role in marketing for a tech company, you can see how that fits quite well. For others, though, it’s not quite the same.

A good example of this in action was the recent updates made to Snapchat. Which saw more than 800,000 angry users petition for changes to the redesign. Leeds United unveiled their new crest to a reception of “generic, “threatening” and “absolute garbage”. Ouch.

These are extreme examples of how change is good, sure, however, they’re not uncommon when a business decides to make changes to its appearance. And this is just when considering aesthetics – not when something changes how it works.

Whilst change is imperative to our development, humans have a tendency to resist it since, well, since humans could exist and resist change, I suppose.  And as technology has rapidly progressed over the years, our desire to quickly adopt it hasn’t quite kept up. Is this because it’s a change to our systems, or is it because technology is inclined to change its own systems? Something we’re famously not experienced in handling well?

As humans, we are creatures of habit. And familiarity is important to us. It’s how we identify and place trust in things. I don’t believe it’s because people don’t want things to ever change. Because without change, how do we progress? Without it, we’d still be “curing” illness through a variety of random techniques (got a nosebleed? A red-hot poker under the nose will do the trick!) Also, the other biggie, you guys wouldn’t be reading this right now. And we wouldn’t be working in the roles we do today. Change is imperative to improvement. And whilst we are creatures of habit, we’re also big on bettering ourselves.

I think it’s in regards to the feeling of losing control. If you woke up tomorrow and 2+2 now made 5, you’d be pretty confused and probably wondering how this affects your energy bills. Or exchange rates on currency. Or whether this means more pizza when you order a take-away. But I digress. Adapting to change isn’t something that comes easy. This has never been truer than in today’s age of cloud computing and SaaS. Rolling changes and updates out regularly can feel particularly challenging to an already busy team. Which leads me to the crux of my rabble…

Signable are changing everything, but it’ll be fine. We promise. Like we said, change is good. Stay tuned!