eSigning for HR departments

eSigning for HR departments

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We hear from human resource management all the time, no surprise really, the amount of paper most HR departments go through is pretty crazy. Most of those that get in contact want to find out how esigning and going digital can help them streamline their paperwork and make their lives a little easier.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about that, the benefits that human resources in businesses of all sizes can expect when they go paperless.

eSigning means less chasing contracts

Chasing a handwritten signature and trying to get people to sign documents can be a time consuming and at times, thankless task. You need something signed, you post or fax it over and you find yourself in a bit of limbo. Did your client get the document? Have they signed it? Have they sent it back? Why haven’t they signed it yet? Have they changed their mind!? I’m stressed thinking about it and I don’t even work in HR myself!

Now if we take a breath, relax a bit, we can see how esigning can help here.

Using Signable’s signature software you can upload and send documents to be electronically signed that will appear instantly in your client’s inbox. This means they can sign it, send it back and you’ll have instant confirmation of their signature. Of course, sometimes people may still take longer than you’d like, well you can keep track of who hasn’t signed yet AND you can send reminders to make sure they don’t forget to sign.

Once everyone’s done you will receive audit trails for each document detailing the signing process.

eSigning makes recruitment easy(ish)

The amount of time that can be spent recruiting the right member of staff to a business can be eye-watering at times. The last thing you want to do after narrowing down a massive number of potential hires to that one perfect employee is to fall at the last hurdle.

Once a successful candidate has been chosen you can send over a contract in the morning and have it signed in time for lunch, meaning you can start planning that hires start date and move onto your next task.

How long would new hire paperwork usually take your department? Just think of all the time you’ve just freed up for yourself by using esigning, all the important tasks you can finally get round to doing…

Say goodbye to filing paperwork

Important tasks like filing paperwork, am I right? Well, it goes without saying but if all documents go digital then your need for paper and printing goes drastically down. Imagine the utopia of a paperless office, no more filing cabinets and no more interactions with the printer. All your important documents are available to you at the click of a button and templates can be saved and reused instantly.

Streamline your processes

Of course, there’s another cool aspect of esigning documents, your company may well see you as an innovator, especially if they’ve never considered using them before. Streamlining processes will help your workload and can’t hurt your perception in the eyes of any watching HR Directors.

Electronically sending documents and the audit trail record you’re provided will help you identify areas that need improving or processes that can be tightened up. You’ll also be able to keep better track of all the documents that go in and out of your business and basically be able to make improvements that wouldn’t be possible without esigning.

Try Signable Free For 14 Days

Signable’s service offers easy to pick up software that makes it easy to send documents for your clients to esigning. It’s easy to upload documents, drag and drop signing fields, identify the signer and send, whether from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. We offer flexible plans for all sizes of business.

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