How Electronic Signatures can help Music Venues and Artists

How Electronic Signatures can help Music Venues and Artists

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Going on tour and living life on the road doesn’t necessarily lend itself to keeping documents neatly filed and available for review, not many bands decide to make room for a filing cabinet on the tour bus. Not to fear though, we’re here to help musicians and music venues learn how to get an electronic signature solution that works for them.

Take it from us, we know how challenging it can be to keep your documents organised at the best of times, factor in playing at a variety of venues in different places, keeping the band Instagram up to date from the road and finding time to write songs probably doesn’t leave a lot of time for boring administrative tasks.

eSignature Solution for artists?

Electronic signatures can pretty much solve all your problems, Signable allows you to send and sign documents from pretty much any device anytime and anywhere, meaning whether you’re headlining a festival in Europe or playing in front of your mates and the bar staff in a pub in Swindon you can get things done and out of the way so you can concentrate on the important things, ie your music career.

Factor in the time and money saved from not having to scan, fax, print and mail documents you can can start to see how much easier creating an electronic signature can make your life. Signable lets you keep an eye on status of documents your involved in, the history of music is littered with stories of bands musicians ending up with contracts they regretted, don’t be the next Prince! (Not that anyone could be though, am I right?)

How Electronic Signatures can help venues

For venues looking to get events sorted, electronic signatures greatly increase the sign rate of documents, no need to track down where a band or their manager are, simply send them the document for signing and you will be notified of when it’s been signed! Invoices, booking forms, confirmations – there’s always something to follow up on, Signable helps cut down this workload.

Artists you’re working with will appreciate the straightforward e signing process removing at least one headache from your day. You’ll be able to send the document from your mobile and receive notifications there too meaning you’re not stuck on your laptop all day waiting for a response.

If you work in events and want to learn more you can read more about electronically signing in your industry with one of our free industry guides found here.

How to get an Electronic Signature

Signable integrates with a number of programs, including Dropbox, to help make things even more simple. Not to mention there’s the Signable eSignature app for tablets too!

You can try Signable free for 14 days and see for yourself the difference it can make, simply sign up for a free trial and you can get started in 60 seconds!