Incredible stats that show why we love our customers

Incredible stats that show why we love our customers

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From us to you, thank you for being a Signable customer. We appreciate the commitment that you’ve made to Signable and all of the paper that you’ve saved! Looking into some of our stats really makes us see why we love our customers, so much! 

1. Confetti, cannons & our Grand Fromage…

We hit a big milestone in 2018, we surpassed 5,000 customers! We celebrated by shooting our Grand Fromage, Olly, with a confetti cannon!  At the time of writing this, there are 5,716 of you! We love you all!

2. How many trees?..

Here at Signable, we’re all about saving paper, obviously! In 2018 you contributed towards a total of 1,497,780 envelopes being sent. To get more of an idea of how much paper you’ve helped saved, have a look at this infographic will give you an idea of how much paper was saved after we crossed the one million envelope mark.

3. You’re a chatty bunch…

There are a lot of you but we do love talking to all of you. One of our favourite methods of communication is LiveChat, you see that little popup at the bottom right of your screen? That’s LiveChat. We’ve been really busy on there recently and in 2018 we completed 12,384 chats with a satisfaction rate of 94%!

4. Facebook love…

We’ve seen a big rise in our following on social media recently. We now have over 3,500 followers across several different social media platforms. Are you following us on Twitter yet? If not you’re missing out! We post some pretty cool gifs on there!

We’ve said that we love you quite a lot in the last 2 minutes. To show how much we value you and your feedback, (if you didn’t know already) we’ve completely rebuilt our sending platform from the ground up! There are so many benefits that come with the new version of Signable, but you’ve just got to try it yourself to see!

To make things easier we’ve put all the new features into a blog post for you to get the full effect of our new platform!