Electronic Signatures for Energy

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A growing number of businesses in the energy sector is transitioning to electronic signatures to speed up their signing processes.

After The Law Society released a new practice note, businesses across the energy sector have been adopting electronic signatures and enjoying the benefits that come with them.


Energy use cases

Energy contracts
HR documents
Your climate policy
Improve your sales

Stop chasing paper

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'eSignatures for Energy'

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Why choose Signable?

Streamline workflows

Cut down on your own and your customers time. Through the use of eSignatures you will no longer have to wait for the mail to arrive. Contracts are sent directly to your customers mailbox!

Expand your green image

Most energy companies offer green energy and climate change is a hot topic. So why not expand your green initiatives to more areas of your company and take a step towards a paperless office. 

Increase sales

Whether your sales are from a door-to-door salesman, compare websites or from the telemarketers, make sure you never lose a contract ever again by making them electronic and saved in the cloud. 

Integration with CRM

Integrate Signable with your CRM for a seamless experience to further simplify the signing process. Our API is free to use for all of our plans. We will give you all the documentation for you to hit the ground running.

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