Electronic signatures for Hospitality

Turn check-ins into tech-ins…

Tech plays a huge role today in how brands boost performance and ensure they stay preferred in their markets. Whether it’s by speeding up hotel check-ins, booking processes, signing off events/conferences, T’s & C’s or contracts for deliveries – the hospitality sector needs documents signed off in all parts of the process. Which is where eSignatures come in…

Hospitality use cases

  • Booking forms
  • HR/recruitment
  • Event T’s & C’s
  • Check ins

Signable meets your requirements

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'eSignatures for Hospitality'

Why choose Signable?

Faster turnaround

eSignatures reduce turn around time massively – around 80% quicker on average. This means any documents that require a signature from an operational perspective can be completed and returned the same day. Allowing you to spend less time on the admin side of things and more on the customer’s.

Change your check-ins to tech-ins

The check-in process can be massively simplified through Signable’s iPad app. As this method captures signatures whilst reducing paper, printing and time spent filing costs. It also allows self-check-in by guests, freeing up time for staff to turn their focus to increasing productivity.

Retrace your steps

As eSignatures are, ya know, electronic; every action is logged. So if you need to check someone has opened a document? It’s logged. Need to check the time and date it was signed? It’s logged. Every action is tracked, along with IP addresses & location. And a full audit log of every action is saved and sent as a PDF when a document is completed.

Keep up your brand image

More and more companies are relying on technology to stay preferred in their market. Using gadgets adds appropriately extra value to guests experience and brand reputation, as well as staying environmentally-friendly. Moreover, signature pads can also be used as an advertising medium to display messages about promotions when not in use.

The results have been astounding. In one hotel, the average response time of customers signing and returning contracts was reduced from three days to just one hour and 45 minutes. In another, the time was cut from two days to 3.5 hours. The hours saved on chasing contract approvals can instead be focussed on generating more bookings and revenue for owners
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Signable meets your requirements

Download the complete PDF guide
'eSignatures for Hospitality'

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