Electronic signatures for HR

Manage your resources better with electronic signatures!

HR & paper-based processes go together like peas & carrots. But with Signable, HR departments can take their focus away from mundane tasks and focus their attention on more important functions such as improving compliance and cutting costs.

HR use cases

  • Employment contracts
  • Ts & cs changes for employees
  • Employee permission requests
  • Acknowledgement forms

Signable meets your requirements

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'eSignatures for HR '

Why choose Signable?

Keep processes on point

Today, businesses and technology go hand in hand. By not ignoring tools which are designed to reduce the amount of time spent completing traditional HR processes, you will reassure staff that your company is one that is always evolving and wants to help how the team gets work done.

No more filing

As your company grows, so does the amount of processes. Meaning more and more documents need organising. Which will take up a lot of time. By auto-storing your files it will mean no more filing, your documents will be searchable and you increase their security dramatically.

Improve visibility

Traditional HR processes are difficult to track, especially when chasing multiple documents. Checking if signers have finished key forms and figuring out who hasn’t can get confusing. With electronic documents, however, it’s easy to see each stage each document is at set reminders for those that haven’t been completed. No chasing required.

100% accuracy

HR departments need to show compliance with key processes. Small mistakes cost time and money to fix. But by electronically sending documents, you can highlight exactly where signatures are needed. Ensuring your documents are returned correct, with no amendments for your signer.

We love the new multidocs feature. If a project goes on longer than set, we need release forms signed by contractors. Which means we will send a lot more documents out because of it. This is made a million times easier sending multiple documents at once!
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Signable meets your requirements

Download the complete PDF guide
'eSignatures for HR '

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