Electronic Signatures for Law

What the law says about eSignatures

Searchable and secure documentation

Protect and securely store documents in your online account for as long as your retention policy requires. Your account is accessible through email/ password login, and, within your account, you are able to set team permissions. Further restricting access to contracts and their content.

Ensure all content is seen

Reviewing legal documentation involves heavy concentration. It’s essential that no areas are skimmed. This is ensured by adding a checkbox to every page, or, next to specific sections of the contract that require extra attention.

Reassurance for clients

Adopting an up to date approach illustrates your company’s forward-thinking attitude and willingness to continue to develop and grow. You will also accommodate your signer’s schedules. Allowing clients time to review documents in a timeframe which is suited to them. Which is particularly useful for those lengthier contracts, or when an office visit isn’t possible.

Reinforce enforceability

eSignatures highlight the fact that a signer’s signature has absolutely not been tampered with. This is done by logging the signer’s email address, geolocation & IP address. These details are logged, along with a full audit trail of the signer’s interaction with the document. And then emailed as a PDF to all parties upon completion.

“We trialled a number of competitors but Signable was better in every aspect to what we saw from the rest. Whenever we can use an electronic signature for a client to sign our documents we use Signable. It helps turn business around quicker and the clients enjoy the ease of use.”

-Kristian Rose, Project Manager, Stanton Fisher

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Our conversion on signed packs is notably higher using this method. Whenever we can use an electronic signature for a client, we use it.

Stanton Fisher

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