Electronic signatures for Retail

Need to better manage your HR processes?

Every day eSignatures are becoming more and more recognisable. However, the uptake within retail has been slower compared to most. Perhaps because it’s less obvious to retailers how they are a benefit to the business? Which means there’s a chance to seriously up efficiency…


Concerned about legality and security of your information? See our full legality guide here.


Retail use cases

  • Recruitment contracts
  • Application forms
  • Supplier forms
  • Concession documents

Signable meets your requirements

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'eSignatures for Retail'

Why choose Signable?

Sign off swiftly!

eSigning reduces turn around time massively, around 80% quicker on average. This means any documents, that need signing from an operational perspective, can be completed and returned the same day. Allowing you to turn your focus away from the admin side, and on improving customer satisfaction.

Cut costs

Reducing costs is a responsibility that’s always at the top of a manager’s mind. By adopting eSignatures you ensure that financial resources are being best utilised. Avoiding printing and postage bills and not forgetting any admin time spent chasing agreements or contracts.

Protect your data

Security is important for every business. And as HR is a big focus for retail’s eSignature use, it’s especially important to keep staff’s personal or potentially sensitive information private. eSignatures are hugely secure when it comes to storing your documents, as we take security very seriously. You can read more about this here.


Don’t let processes fall behind

By managing your finished documents, along with ones in-progress at the click of a button, you will increase your efficiency and organisation. All the while reducing paper consumption within your business. This reduces costs and keeps all your work searchable.

Signable’s Customer Success team have been incredible with the implementation of Signable at The Body Shop in the Benelux. Sue, in particular, has been patient and super helpful and I would recommend anyone to go and work with the Signable team.
The Body Shop


Case study

Krispy Kreme Case Study

Signable meets your requirements

Download the complete PDF guide
'eSignatures for Retail'

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