Electronic signatures for Telecoms

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The telecoms sector is one that constantly deals with documents. Which requires time to transfer, check and process all info that’s received and sent. As well as the high cost of handling paper! That is why eSignatures have already started gaining popularity in this industry. By helping to cut out these issues and connect customers quicker.


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Telecoms use cases

  • Mobile contracts
  • Fixed-line contracts
  • Internet service
  • Pricing changes

Signable meets your requirements

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'eSignatures for Telecoms '

Why choose Signable?

Unique deal terms

Each sale means drafting a contract tailored to each client. This means including their unique price, dates and names. And amending these details for each template can get tedious. Our merge fields feature, however, means these variables can all be added at the point of sending – saving you time and a headache!

100% accuracy

It’s important to show compliance with key processes. Small mistakes cost time and money to fix. However, when sending electronically, you’re able to highlight exactly where signatures are required. Ensuring everything is correct with no need to chase the signer for amendments.

Ease of account opening

Simplifying the account opening process for customers takes the workload off your employees. It also reduces the number of errors and removes the risk of loss of documents. Enabling staff to spend more time supporting and advising customers, increasing your level of customer service.

Close those contracts

Avoid delays by automating your contracts and agreements. Saving you the time you would have spent on admin inputting data. Signable also offers the option to set auto-reminders for any documents that aren’t yet completed. Saving you or your team having to chase customers for their signature.

This year we subscribed to Signable and were able to do away with postage, stationery, administrator’s time costs and make communications quicker and more accurate as verbal transfer of information was minimised. All in all we saved almost £5000 in time and materials, not bad for under £50!
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Case study

ClickMechanic Case Study

Signable meets your requirements

Download the complete PDF guide
'eSignatures for Telecoms '

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