Our new junior front end developer – Howdy, Max!

Our new junior front end developer – Howdy, Max!

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Hello! I’m Max, and I’m joining Signable as a junior front end developer.

This is my first dev job, so be nice to me!

Basically, I decided to change careers about a year ago. I was writing, which I absolutely loved but which paid me about 17p/year, as well as managing a restaurant, which I didn’t love so much but did, you know, actually pay for stuff.

Then I had a big idea. Why not do something that pays me real money, not Monopoly money, and that I enjoy as well!?? So I jumped into an intensive coding course, quickly fell in love with it, and four months later here I am, a junior front end developer!

I’ve been at Signable for a fortnight now, and honestly I’ve felt so welcomed. Everyone seems so lovely and friendly. It must be too good to be true! Surely I’m soon going to discover something like Chris (our digital marketing maverick) actually being a cannibal who’s actually only super nice to lure you in. Well, I’m ready Chris, and also you should know that I’m really old so I’d be mostly gristle.

In my spare time I hang out with my pet chameleon, play a lot of poker (yes, I can always tell when you’re lying!), read and watch all of the films.

So look out for some new things coming soon!

HEY! Guess who else joined the Signable team? Aaron. Check him out here!