Launch of our new billing system, annual payments and direct debits

Launch of our new billing system, annual payments and direct debits

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In the past, our billing has been fairly straightforward. We only supported monthly payments and these payments had to be made via credit or debit card. This doesn’t always work and can fully understand that certain companies either don’t have a credit/debit card or available or want to pay annually.

Today marks the official launch of our new billing system which supports both annual plans and payment via Direct Debits! To be honest, this new billing system has been running for the past month and has been humming along, processing all of our regular payments. This launch, therefore, kindof feels a bit redundant however this is more of an announcement to inform you that this is now available! πŸ™‚

Annual payments (get 2 months free!)

You can now get two months of service for free, just by subscribing to an annual subscription, instead of a monthly subscription. In effect, you are paying for 10 months of service but you will receive 12 months, giving you 2 months for free.
We are extremely lucky to have quite a lot of longstanding customers (THANK YOU!) who may want to get a couple of months for free, just by upgrading to an annual plan. Annual plans aren’t just available for our longstanding customers, anyone can choose to be on our annual plans, just select the correct option when upgrading and you will be good to go.

If you are on a current monthly plan, you can upgrade, today, just by clicking the button below and confirming your intention to upgrade. We will (after asking for an additional confirmation), automatically change your plan to annual and update your billing as needed.

Pay via Direct Debit

A much requested feature is the ability to pay via Direct Debit, instead of via a card. This was possible however it was clunky, awkward and required a lot of manual work, from both you and us. Now, you can quickly add a Direct Debit within a few clicks via our partner GoCardless. Just add a Direct Debit as a new payment method, set it as default and we will then use this as your payment method. You can view all your current payment methods from.

PDF invoices

When you made a payment, either via an upgrade or your regular monthly payment, we would automatically send you a receipt and store a copy within your Signable account. This receipt was good enough for your accountant however sometimes a clearer, PDF invoice is better. We now automatically email you a PDF invoice on a successful payment as well as store all your payment invoices within your Signable account. All your previous payments have been transferred so you can download the PDF invoices directly from there if needed. I hope that gives you one less thing to worry about! πŸ™‚

You can start your free 14 day Signable trial here.