The power of Word of Mouth marketing!

The power of Word of Mouth marketing!

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I was a happy customer of Signable – which is part of the reason why I am now at here – I believed in the solution so much that when the opportunity came to work with the team – I quickly snapped it up!

As a keen networker – having networked for over 12 years now at different meetings of different groups – I know the power of referral marketing and the good old fashioned word of mouth recommendation.

However, I only refer or recommend products, businesses and services that I truly believe in, trust implicitly and introduce only people that I would vouch for.

The reason for this is that whoever you recommend carry YOUR reputation and creditability with them – as it’s you who has endorsed them as a supplier or service.

So a negative experience suffered by someone by another that you have endorsed would possibly have repercussions on your own relationship.

But a referral passed to someone to another who then exceed all expectations, offer a friendly and professional service and satisfy their need – looks amazing for you as the introducer!

But how do you do this?  It could be informally and conversational – or it can be structured, as happens as business networking meetings all around the world.

Either way, making your business easily referable is essential.

Here are my tips on how you can achieve word of mouth marketing;

  • Provide a fantastic user experience.
  • Deliver on your promises.
  • Ensure you provide a high quality product/service/solution.
  • Work to the ethos and character of your business consistently.
  • Ask your customers for testimonials & case studies – these can be used for marketing.
  • Give clients the platform to promote your business easily.

And it’s the last point that I wanted to mention specifically today and how we do this at Signable.

So for all of our clients – as well as our triallists – we provide a unique affiliate link which can be sent to their colleagues, clients and contacts – to introduce Signable.

For anyone who signs up using that link – they get 25% of the spend of that client, every month – for the life of that customer!  It’s our way of saying thank you for spreading the love!

We also provide Social Media tabs to allow quick sharing of your link to promote Signable on your Social Media channels – we make it easy for you to share.

But even offline, we are referred LOADS by our customers and advocates and it really helps promote our solution, raise our profile and increase our engagement on different business areas.

So – if you are a customer already – thank you, we really do appreciate your support.

If you aren’t – please take a look at and see if we can help your business or organisation.

Until next time, thanks for reading this…and please feel free to tweet me anytime – it would be great to hear from you – @NickElston_!