Moments you wish you had used eSignatures

Moments you wish you had used eSignatures

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While a lot of businesses already use eSignatures, there are also a lot of businesses who still use the old school way of sending contracts. The paper way. We at Signable are fully convinced that eSignatures are the better way. Yet we still sympathise with the daily struggles that those businesses have.
In honour of those businesses, we have compiled a list of moments where you wished you were already using esignatures.

1.When you wait for a response from your contact.

Waiting eSignatures

Here you are, you closed the deal, achieved the goal, won the game, you are super excited! You sit at your desk and you’ve made the contract to seal this lifetime deal. The next morning you post it and as the days continue your excitement slowly fades. Has the Royal mail made a mistake? Did I use the right address? Did the contract get stolen by that fox from Dora the explorer? 

You call your customer to double-check if they have received the contract. Thankfully they have, they just haven’t got to signing it yet.

Like this, days and days go waisted until you finally receive the contact you were so excited about in the first place. Moments like these are easily avoided with a quick to make electronical contract. Email the whole package to the customer and receive the signed document seconds after it has been signed.

2. When the signature doesn’t match the records.

eSignature no match

Recently I moved into a new rental home with my fiancé. As you are probably aware, with rental places there are a lot of documents to sign, and I mean a lot! Every page of every document had to be signed. This is where the drama started. 

A few weeks after we started living in the house, I got a call from the bank saying that my signature did not match their records of what my signature looks like. To be honest with you, I am aware that my handwriting is not as good as those monks who practise calligraphy. My signature reflects this and takes different shapes throughout my life. 

I had to go to my bank, during office hours, to resign a piece of paper to validate that it really was me who is living in the house.
In this case, I wished my letting agent used eSignatures because it would have made my customer experience a lot better. eSignatures are completely legal and would have had the same effect as my handwritten signature. In my case, all was handled smoothly after they found this issue, but in other cases it could have led to rent not being paid. Save yourself the trouble, upgrade your customer experience and save me a trip to the bank. Signup for our 14 day trial today and see for yourself how easy it is to send contracts digitally.

3. When you are drowning in paper

Much paper

The average contract consists of three sheets of paper (someone, please share this info with my letting agent, they do not apply to this rule). Now, we understand your business is booming and you are getting contracts signed left, right and centre. That means that there is a lot of paper going around and that raises the question, where will you store all that paper? Of course, there are big fancy filing cabinets, but these days everything is digital. Everything that is in the filing cabinet can easily fit on your hard drive or cloud storage, be shared super easy with the people that need to see it and saves you a load of space. 

4. When the printer cartridges are empty.

Npo Cardridge

As I mentioned before, my handwriting is not top-notch, so if I need to write something down, I type. So I have a lot of files in note-taking apps and Google documents. As a lot of things these days are digital, my printer sits in the corner of my room collecting dust. Yet, sometimes you need to print out something important. I kid you not, every time when I need my printer, the cartridges are empty. As I walk to the supermarket I mumble to myself “it’s 2019, why is this not digital.” 

I believe this has happened to everybody at least once in their life. I think businesses aren’t an exception to this, especially when you are a startup or are running a small business. So why not go completely paperless and save money by not buying cartridges and save your sanity by never having to walk mumble to the supermarket ever again.

5. When you want to make the environment better.

Love earth

We love this earth, and we really hope you do too. As we love this earth, we also love the trees that are on it. When you choose to use eSignatures in your business, you choose to improve the environment and help the earth. We already wrote in a previous blog about it which you can find here. It is about how many trees we as Signable have already saved thanks to our customers! When you join us, you help us to make an even bigger impact!

Have you recognised yourself or your business in any of these situations? Feel free to sign up for our 14 day trial and make your business a better place, I will let my letting agent know because they could use it a lot!