Overcoming Procrastination at Work

Overcoming Procrastination at Work

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“Hands up who procrastinates?”

Is a question that I ask when I am delivering my Keynote Seminar #TalkingAnxiety…

This is followed by EVERY hand in the room shooting towards the ceiling!

As does mine – I still procrastinate – I procrastinated over writing this blog actually – hey, I have been described as ‘Brutally Honest’! 

I am an International Inspirational Speaker on the subject of Anxiety.  

My unique take on this – NOT what Anxiety IS – but what Anxiety DOES.

The Effects of Anxiety

How it affects the way we work – or the way we don’t (!), the decisions we take, the opportunities we go for & the ones we don’t!  The relationships we choose – even the ones we choose to stay in…

Procrastination is right up there as a leading Anxiety trigger in business or the workplace – but we just don’t see it – but we certainly feel it!

Interestingly, the physical feelings of anxiety and the physical feelings of guilt are exactly the same – so if you are feeling anxious when at your desk, laptop or work area – maybe it’s procrastination.

Essentially – the reasons why we procrastinate are because either we DON’T want to do that, it’s perceived as too DIFFICULT or because we FEAR doing it.

When the truth is – when you put something off – how much bigger, hairier & scarier does it become?  MASSIVE!  

When actually – when you do it – it’s not so bad, never takes as long & you feel SO much better afterwards!

As I say when I am Speaking…

“Anxiety is created in the thought of doing something – not actually doing that thing.  Yet we feel mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically the pain of that as if it were actually happening!”

Tech has played a huge role in eliminating procrastination from my life – and allows me to ‘manage the manageables’ – one of my top tips I give away.  By this, what I mean is to take care of anything that could go wrong – then all you are left with is the stuff that blindsides us – which NO ONE can anticipate!

Overcoming Procrastination

So – with that in mind – here are a few tips on avoiding procrastination in your business life;

  • Use Signable – seriously!  I get my enquiries to bookings in minutes & gives me peace of mind that I am covered. 
  • Use a ‘To-Do’ list – there are lots out there – but here’s the key part – then get stuff done! 
  • Use a CRM system – I use one that integrates with Signable so that I never let the ball drop when contacting clients & prospects.
  • Use an online payment platform – I now only take bookings with payment upfront – because when a booking is received – I will actively turn down business.  So I need peace of mind that it’s sorted. Plus I’m British & we hate chasing money! 

I hope my ramblings have helped you – but feel free to get in touch www.nickelston.com if you want to chat some more!

Nick Elston is an International Inspirational Speaker and the creator of #TalkingAnxiety. You can find out more at www.nickelston.com