Now get your signers to upload files when signing

Now get your signers to upload files when signing

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Electronic Signature Upload

Following on from our recent release of your signers now being able to upload their own signature when signing, we have gone one stage further than are now releasing a new upload field, along with the text, date, signature and checkbox fields you use to build your documents. This upload field will allow your signers to upload files directly on the document when signing. No need for a follow up email asking them for a scanned copy of a utility bill or their photo ID. Just drag on an upload field and they will be prompted to do it when signing your document.

 Adding an upload field to your documents

You can add an upload field to any Template or document. This can be placed anywhere in your document and behaves exactly the same as any other field. To make it easier for your signers, you may want to add some text on your document which prompts the signer. For example, you could add some text which states that you want your signer to upload a scanned copy of their ID or utility bill.

Signers uploading files when signing

Your upload field will look like a normal field, when signing, however will have a dark blue border. When your signer clicks into the field they will be shown a section that allows them to upload files directly onto the document. There is no limit to the number of files that your signers can upload however each file must be under 5MB in size.

What you can use this for

Firstly this field is available for everyone and is available in your accounts now. There are no additional charges for the files that your signers upload or any minimum plan that you need to be on.

This was a feature that had been asked for by quite a few of our customers, ranging from financial services, property and legal. Any company that needs some more information from their signers will find this feature useful, especially any company that needs a scanned ID or photo. This will save you the step of having to ask for the scanned copy afterwards.
You can also use this for any other file, not just images. Your signers can upload Word, PDF and images. If you require a particular file format please just get in touch with us and we can get it enabled for you.