Uploaded signatures from your signers and new signature options

Uploaded signatures from your signers and new signature options

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New Signature Options

Even though, legally, it doesn’t actually matter how a signer signs a document via Signable, we do often get requests to support new signature formats. We already accept hand drawn and typed formats however starting from today your signers can now upload an image of their signature. If you are an existing customer just go to your Settings and enable the upload signature format. Any new customers will have it enabled by default. You will also see some other options to set which signature format you want to be the default one shown to signers.

Upload signature format

Your signers can now choose to upload an image of their signature as a way to sign a document that has been sent to them via Signable. This feature needs to be enabled from your Settings, if you are already have a Signable account. If not, it is enabled by default. The image that the signer uploads will be automatically added to the final signed PDF and will show like a normal signature. This just gives you another option and allows your signers to sign quicker.

New signature settings to enable different signature formats and choose a default

We are now up to three different signature formats and we fully understand that it wouldn’t be a good idea to force all three formats onto you. Instead we have added new options which allow you to choose the signature formats you are willing to accept from your signers as well as the default (first the signer will see) signature format. All of these options can be changed in your Settings and will apply to all your documents, including any that are still in progress.

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