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Software company Signable makes a move to become more user-friendly to larger customers with the release of the new ‘Users and Teams’ features


September 22, 2022

UK-based Signable, part of parent company Domo, a software platform offering easy, affordable and quick electronic signatures, has announced the release of their new Users and Teams features.

The new functionality, which went live on 31st August, allows organisations to create unlimited teams on the Signable platform. These teams are no longer tied to permission groups, instead they are simply groups of people to whom Envelopes and Templates can be shared. Permissions are now handled separately.

Envelope templates can now be managed centrally, with users able to share them with teams, as opposed to having to create copies of the template for each team  – saving hours of admin time. Users in teams can also manage each other’s envelopes, meaning customer experience is simplified drastically. 

The Users and Teams feature has been rolled out in response to the increased demand from large organisations to be able to efficiently manage their employees’ use of the Signable platform. Overall, the upgrade will improve customer’s organisation, security and time management, particularly for larger organisations with higher headcounts and/or multiple departments. 

Signable’s current customers are predominantly SMEs, with larger organisations of 50-249 persons making up 18% of the customer base and 250+ person organisations at 12%*

Signable’s Product Manager, Karen Velasquez, who has led on the feature roll out explains:

“Our customers were incredibly vocal about the shortcomings the previous functionality had. This work has cut deep across several areas of the application to bring about what we hope are great solutions to the problems they were trying to work around.”

Signable was chosen as one of the 10 successful B2B software companies in the UK to watch in 2021 by Capterra. Signable provides easy-to-use software to 6000 businesses using a secure online, digital process for signing documents. It’s easy to create an electronic document from scratch or upload an existing document to create, send & sign. 

With Signable plans ranging from ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ to ‘Corporate’, the flexible offering is accessible for independent users to medium-large businesses, with unlimited users available across all plans. 

Learn more about how Signable works and its benefits or contact Signable on (+44) 0800 612 6263 for more information. 

*According to Signable’s 2022 customer survey