Prosolution & Esignatures: How to optimise forms for education

Prosolution & Esignatures: How to optimise forms for education

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Prosolution & Esignatures.

How can schools stay reactive to tight budget cuts?

Education is an industry that is slowly adopting technology into its processes. With September just around the corner, educators across the country are working hard to interview students and process applications to welcome them into schools. 

On top of this, in May, the education department in the UK announced that they would be bringing the annual review for the pupil premium forward.

For schools, this means that, on average, each local authority will be losing out on £600,000 in pupil-premium funding alone. 

While this not only threatens the level of teaching that educators can provide, it means that educators will be seeking reactive ways to make up for the loss in funding. 

Now, we aren’t suggesting that harnessing electronic signatures would completely alleviate the effects of tight budgets.

However, at Signable, we can provide a platform that enables educators to streamline processes, and with the busiest term time coming up, we want to show you how we can help. 

How do e-signatures help educators & administrators?  

Digital documentation and electronic signatures can help cut down the cost associated with printing, overnight deliveries, couriers, copying, filing and storing paperwork.

When educators automate these processes, it saves time and money. 

With e-signatures, teachers can reduce the amount of paperwork involved. Using a digital electronic signing platform like Signable, educators can organise information easier to focus on the things that are important to them. 

With thousands of students to watch over, improving communication through digital tools means educators can provide a holistic educational experience. For the students, processes are simplified.

Applications and onboarding processes are streamlined, increasing the time spent on learning by reducing the time doing admin.

Bonus: looking for an extensive guide on the potential of e-signing in education? Click this link.

Where electronic signatures can help: 

  • Recruitment of teachers 
  • Student application processing
  • Onboarding students 
  • Change Requests
  • Exams
  • Reporting
  • Consent Forms (COVID) 

Signable and Prosolution: 

From One Advanced, Pro suite is an extensive software suite that helps FE administrators automate and digify slow, labour-intensive processes.

In addition, the suite includes various solutions to aid further education professionals, including the Management Information System (MIS), Prosolution. 

Through integrations such as the one between Signable and ProSolution, Further Education administrators can stay in contact with students, interact transparently and reduce the time taken on permissions and paperwork.  

If you would like to see how ProSolution and Signable work together, fill in this form here!

Prosuite can track documents 24/7, and in the case of previously missing documents, Prosuite provides a paperless environment where the indicators available mean that institutions can use records-based scenarios to work towards best practice implementation. 

ProSolution’s integration with Signable is an essential and intuitive system that can anticipate and manage every digital document, maintaining regulatory compliances and standards. 

How can Signable help your school?

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