Essential guide to eSignatures

Essential guide to eSignatures

Fresh to eSignatures or Signable? We’ve got just the thing for you…

The essential guide to eSignatures contains:

  • What are eSignatures?
  • How they work
  • Why modern businesses are choosing them over older signing methods
  • How you can integrate them into your current processes
  • Where to start
  • A few words from our current customers in your industry

How are businesses using eSignatures?

The State of IT 2021 report showed that Covid-19 has affected businesses for the long-term, with ‘76% of businesses plan on long-term IT changes.’  With this shift, we’re seeing more priority on the “essential” tech to help workers do their jobs more efficiently, over “nice to have” tech.

“Signable allows us to work safely and concentrate on helping our clients without the faff of working with piles of paper that were previously used and required scanning.”
Sedgemoor District Council
“Signable has allowed us to save hundreds of hours of not just our time but also our customers and members time because there is no more need for 2-4 meetings per document that needs signing by multiple parties. This means we can execute faster for our members and not waste our teams’ resources.”
Level 39, Europe’s largest technology incubator