5 UK Sales Influencers are Re-Defining Sales Process Steps

What the top 5 UK sales innovators say about re-defining your sales process steps

Sales is a fine art. 

You’ve got to know how to carefully craft your sales journey and how to lead the customer through it. But, things have changed and it’s no longer the sales professional that’s in the driving seat, it’s the consumer. 

With this shift to customers becoming more aware and more educated on what they want from a product, the way salespeople approach closing deals needs to change too. 

So, naturally, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Let’s run through what the UK’s leading sales innovators say about re-defining your sales processes steps to close more deals. 

Jules White – Live it, Love it, Sell it


“Stop selling to your customers and start loving them.”

Jules has been a TEDx speaker and has a regular podcast with other sales influencers. She says:

“We need to trust our own subconscious skills because they’re the ones that are best to utilise for selling, life skills are sales skills.”

On traditional selling, she says:

“You feel a huge amount of pressure to close at a certain point, if they say they don’t want it, it doesn’t mean that, really. You need to connect with people who are like-minded, who get you, who trust you. If you get all those bits right you’ll make valuable sales.”


Berkeley Harris – Sandler Consultancy & training


Berkeley speaks mostly about empowering and leading your Sales team better:

“Knowing what to expect from your sales team can take the stress out of sales forecasts, especially if a standard is to be expected rather than relying on a hit and miss individualistic approach.”

“Since there is no simple formula, you must consider your prospecting objectives and then carefully track your activities and results. Then, you can decide how much time you want to invest and choose the activities that will allow you to achieve your objectives in that time period.”


Victoria Fleming – Sparkup Your Sales


Victoria is a sales coach for entrepreneurs and start-up businesses and holds the opinion that everyone can sell. Though often she feels salespeople get a bad rap, mostly because of the sales reps that have the wrong sales process steps, she describes it in a podcast:

“Sales is a process and at the beginning of that process you don’t know who the person you’re dealing with is, and at the end of the process, someone agrees to buy something. But, so often people, especially online, are jumping right to the end of that process.”


Iain Swanston – Klozers


Iain is a sales coach with Klozers and an international TEDx speaker. He speaks on training graduates properly, and how time management and a re-focus to what the customer wants is what sales professionals need. 

“Busy does not equal effective. Time is one of these things we have a habit of wasting. We need to be respectful of our client’s time, not just our own.”

“Often salespeople focus on themselves, their commissions, their goals, their targets. But, if we want to be successful we need to have a completely different mindset and focus on the customer. Sometimes we need to walk away from some business because we know that it’s not the right fit for the customer.”


Alison Edgar

Twitter: @thealisonedgar 

Alison loves looking at the psychology behind selling and touches on similar ground to Iain and Jules, whereby you need to know the customer and build a relationship with them before you sell. In her TEDx talk she covers the types of people and how they like to be approached: 

“Don’t treat people how you’d want to be treated. Treat people how they want to be treated.”

“Because ultimate;y people buy from people who they think are similar to them. So, you need to identify how they’d like to be spoken to so that you can start building a trusting relationship in order to get what you want.” 


How to implement your new sales process steps?

When focusing on the customer and time are the big drivers for modern sales, you need to think about what would help maximise both. By using electronic contracts that take minutes to set up and send you can focus on ensuring your reliability with the customer and making sure what you’re offering is a good fit for them. 

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