September Signable Product Updates 2021

September Signable Product Updates 2021

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What’s Been Happening at Signable This Month?

Aside from September being a killer disco song, we’re celebrating the plethora of product updates our team has rolled out this month. There’s truly never been a cloudy day this month, so read on for what we’ve been up to. 

Look no further, literally! We’ve added a new search bar to our users and teams page to help you find who you’re looking for in seconds. 

If you’re a company with lots of Signable users, when you need to delete users, you can do this without having to contact us. The power is in your hands!

API improvements

Our team is working on improving the API to make it all-round easier to use. We’re looking for developers with experience of implementing the Signable API to give us your feedback on what could have been better. 

We need your help to make the API easier for everyone, so if you’re interested in joining our Signable User Panel sign up below. 

Edit Parties After Sending

Made a typo in your client’s email address and thinking you need to re-send the envelope all over again? Nope, we’ve made it easier for you to change a party’s email address after you’ve sent an envelope out, so you can be sure they receive the document.

No more wasting credits sending out the same envelope to the same clients, you can do it all from your ‘Envelope Status’ page as seen below. Simply click the pencil icon to change the email address or name. 

Send In Seconds

What do they say, ‘a small change can sometimes be the biggest?’, well it certainly is the case for our final product update. We’ve moved the ‘New Envelope’ send button to make your life even easier. 

So when you’re navigating through your library or searching for users, you can easily send from any page, no need to head back to your dashboard to send a new envelope.