February Product Updates

February Product Updates

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Signable February Product Updates

Your field alignment dreams answered! 

We’re proud to release our new feature ‘Snap Mode’ for field alignment. You asked for easier field alignment, we give you this great feature that works at the click of a button.

Snap Mode does what it says on the tin, it aligns all your fields to each other and makes positioning new fields even easier. 

Snap Mode can be found at the top right-hand corner of the ‘Add Fields’ step of envelope/template setup.

A new lick of paint for the Signable platform

Our goal is to be constantly evolving the service we provide to you, so we’ve made some style updates to make the sending and tracking process more user friendly. You might notice some better layouts of your templates, icons, buttons and more to keep things looking up to date as Signable grows.

But, don’t worry, nothing has changed to the functionality of Signable so your documents won’t be affected.