Signable & Flobot – we say go paperless!

Signable & Flobot – we say go paperless!

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They say two heads are better than one, and to they we say yay!

We can usually be found preaching the importance of paperless solutions, why they’re super effective and how they help you save time as well as the environment. But of course, it’s not just us that adopts this ideology. And sometimes it’s better to team up to get your message across. Enter Flobot. Flobot are a fellow SaaS business that help their customers ditch out of date processes for better job management. So you can see why we get on. That’s why we decided to make you guys something that shows exactly how we can help and the typical annoyances we eliminate from your day to day jobs.

Sweet, right?

Signable flobot

You can sign up for a free Signable trial here or here for Flobot to see the benefits for yourself! They say the best way to learn is to do, right?