Signable July Updates & Bug Fixes

Signable July Updates & Bug Fixes

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Signable July updates & bug fixes

This month we’ve been working hard on tightening the screws of our Signable platform so you can send and sign with as much ease as possible. 

As our product developers are constantly testing new things to improve your experience, this is a glimpse behind the scenes. So, let’s talk about the bugs that were squashed this month…

A new email will now be sent when you manually change a signer’s email address, to avoid any broken links and increase the security of your documents should you send to the wrong email.

If you’d like to learn how to change a signer’s email address after you’ve sent an envelope, see below:

Signable july updates

Clearer thumbnails for envelopes

Thumbnails for all envelopes are now visible when viewing your dashboard or your library, meaning you can tell from a glance what document is still in progress or completed.

See how to use our new search filter function below:

signable july updates

Improved templates display

If you’ve only added one template to your account, the preview display has now been optimised for better visibility.

If you’d like to lean more about adding and customizing templates see our complete demo video:

Coming soon…

We’ve got some big new integrations we’re just putting the finishing touches on, so we’re very excited to announce them to you soon! 

Hint: It might involve your favourite search engine…