Social Media Week Bristol 2018!

Social Media Week Bristol 2018!

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social media Bristol


Social Media Bristol

As our marketing team has grown so much in the past few months, myself and fellow newbie, Chris, went to get some advice from Social Media Week Bristol. With over 30 talks happening across the city, we split off to squeeze the most out of the days.

First up was my talk ‘How to Start a Blog to Promote your Business’. I know it’s a bit inception-y (blogception) to tell you how to run a good blog in a blog post but stay with me. Heather Cowper spoke about her travel blog for the ‘affluent female’ demographic, which suffice to say, I am not a part of. She described the importance of knowing your target audience (Heather’s is called Carol). Knowing everything about your audience will inevitably help you write for them, even taking their life philosophy into account; are they jam before cream type of person? Think about it.

However, it seemed most of the people at the talk knew little about blogging, and that I was very much a big fish in a small pond, despite being just an intern. In this case that wasn’t such a bad thing, as it let you slip into your subconscious and pull out ideas you’d never thought of before. In that sense, I learned a whole lot.

A few days later, Chris’ talk, ‘Is Organic Social Reach Dead?’ was brimming with useful information. Aside from this being held at the magnificent Everyman cinema (Chris’ fave venue), many influential speakers were given the floor. From our own loy