Zapier unleashed: Signable’s insider guide to automation success

Zapier unleashed: Signable’s insider guide to automation success

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It’s no secret that at Signable, we’re huge fans of making work simpler through automation.

Who enjoys dealing with tedious manual tasks when there are fantastic tools out there that can do it all with just a click of a button? Zapier is one of our favourite automation platforms, acting like a bridge between different applications, allowing them to share data seamlessly. 

In this article, we’ll delve into how we leverage the power of Zapier within Signable to improve efficiency across our workflows. From creating a vibrant remote culture to practical automation processes, discover how we use Zapier internally and find out how you can level up your digital workspace too.

Building a lively remote culture

Birthdays, work anniversaries, and welcoming new team members – these milestones matter. Zapier acts as our bridge, connecting our internal HR system to our Slack community channel. The result? A vibrant space where achievements are celebrated, and important moments are recognised, reinforcing the inclusivity of our remote culture.

As remote working continues to become the standard, maintaining a strong sense of connection poses a challenge for many businesses. Recognising and celebrating employee milestones, such as achievements, promotions, and other noteworthy occasions is a powerful strategy to foster a sense of connection and inclusivity – even within a remote environment. 

With over 140 popular HR applications to choose from, as well as 618 communication platforms, you can guarantee there’s a Zapier solution to suit your business.

Tracking customer behaviour 

Customer success is at the core of what we do. Zapier serves as our vigilant ally, alerting our Customer Success team to upgrades, downgrades, and failed payments. Our CRM system stays updated in real-time, and notifications are triggered when someone signs up for our affiliate scheme. 

Customer behaviour is evolving continuously and in order to deliver the best user experience possible, our team needs to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to these changes and be able to recommend the best solution to our customers. 

With Zapier, we’re always in sync with our customers and you can be too. With nearly 800 CRM systems in the Zapier library, there are thousands of possible workflows which will enable you to connect your customer data to your desired platform and keep you in line with your customers’ needs.

Turning feedback into action

Our customers’ feedback matters, and Zapier helps us listen attentively. Reviews and survey responses seamlessly flow into spreadsheets, allowing us to analyse and respond effectively. 

Encouraging our customers to share their insights doesn’t stop there. We actively invite them to voice their preferences for the future of Signable, and feature suggestions are broadcasted directly into our Slack channels via Zapier. This ensures that we remain closely aligned with our customers’ desires and expectations.

Understanding the significance of customer feedback is crucial in developing your products or services. However, it can be difficult to stay on top of all reviews, case studies, suggestions and (dare we mention it – complaints!) Enlisting Zapier as your eyes and ears can help you communicate better with your customers and turn their feedback into action. 

Effortless document management

Of course, we couldn’t share our best-kept automation secrets without giving an honourable mention to Signable’s own integration with Zapier, whereby managing signed documents is a breeze. 

From creating employee records in our internal HR system to updating spreadsheets upon envelope completion, Zapier ensures our document management is not just efficient but also foolproof.

Whether you wish to notify team members of completed documents, update SalesForce records, or create contacts in your CRM, Signable’s integration with Zapier has all the triggers you need to automate your document management process.

Explore our out-of-the-box templates

Ready to elevate your workflow? Try our range of out-of-the-box templates designed to streamline your processes effortlessly. Signable and Zapier make an unbeatable duo, and these templates are your gateway to a new era of automation.

Ready to transform your workflows?

Ready to revolutionise your workflows? Signable’s integration with Zapier opens the door to a world of automation possibilities. Get started with Signable’s 14-day free trial today.