10 questions to ask when choosing an electronic signature provider

10 questions to ask when choosing an electronic signature provider

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The need for a reliable, secure and convenient eSignature solution is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Choosing an electronic signature provider which meets your needs is therefore a crucial step in driving your business forward. 

To determine which electronic signature provider you should choose, ask these 10 essential questions before making your final decision. 

How secure is your platform?

Security is without a doubt your top priority, so check first and foremost that your provider meets global security standards and uses strong data encryption technology.

Some electronic signature providers will offer a full audit trail, giving you a detailed breakdown of the electronic signing process including dates, times, IP addresses and fingerprints. This allows you to keep track of every interaction with the document and makes it easier to prove signing was legally executed should it ever be challenged in a court of law. 

As a rule of thumb, opt for vendors who provide these detailed audit trails as well as SSL encryption. That way you can be sure that your documents are equipped with sound digital evidence and that the platform itself contains the highest level of security. 

How user friendly is the software?

A seamless and easy-to-use digital platform is something customers have come to expect as standard and so complicated tools are just not going to cut it. 

Choose an eSignature software that is simple and intuitive: one that is designed with customers in mind and creates a positive user experience. Reusable templates and real-time tracking are just some of the handy features many software providers have to offer, as well as downloadable apps or APIs which can make the overall experience simpler. 

Can it integrate with my existing tools?

An eSignature software which can be integrated with other systems already in use such as Google, Microsoft and Apple, makes for an efficient signing process day-to-day. 

Check whether potential providers offer APIs which will allow you to seamlessly integrate the software with your website or CRM system. This will provide many benefits, from more efficient signing to being able to send higher volumes of documents. 

Is the software mobile friendly?

Today’s competitive market calls for an eSignature solution which allows for the sending, signing and management of electronic documents on the go. With many transactions now completed on mobile devices, it’s essential that your eSignature software can also be used accordingly. 

Opt for a provider who offers the software on a range of devices such as smartphone and tablet, as well as multiple browsers and every major platform (IOS, Android and Web). This ensures your electronic documents will be safe no matter how you access them. 

Does the software comply with regulations?

A key factor to consider is whether the electronic signature software is compliant with relevant eSignature laws for your geographical location. 

In the UK and EU, the Electronic Identification Authentication and trust Services (eIDAS), oversees and regulates electronic transactions. The law states that electronic records that are admissible in evidence under the Electronic Communications Act (2000) can be used to support the existence, authenticity and valid acceptance of a contract and cannot be denied as evidence solely because they are electronic. Find out more about the legal requirements of eSignatures. 

Based on the nature of your business, you might also need to look into other relevant rules and regulations such as the UK and EU GDPR regulations. Discussing this with potential providers from the offset will minimise any risk of non-compliance in the future.

How does the platform verify signatures?

For an electronic signature to be valid, it is crucial that the signer’s identity is verified. There are multiple ways to accomplish this including email addresses, timestamps and geo-tracking as well as two factor authentication. 

Determining what level of authentication is required to confirm the signatory’s identity will enable you to choose a provider who makes this a priority, leaving you safe in the knowledge your documents are secure.

What technical support do you offer for users?

No matter how great the technology is, there will likely come a time when you need to reach out for assistance – so prompt and reliable customer support is key. Ask potential providers about the availability of support staff and how easy it is to reach them. 

Find out whether there is any training material available to help you learn more about the technology and how to use it, or whether anyone is on hand to provide a live demonstration. Good customer support is essential for high user adoption and is paramount for creating a positive experience for you and your customers. 

Will I be tied into a contract?

Another important feature you should look out for from your electronic signature provider is the possibility to pay only for the services used, without the need for minimum contract periods or ongoing fees. 

Look for a provider who offers flexible pricing plans which vary based on your business needs and where you aren’t tied into long and expensive contracts. This way, you can alter your plan based on how often you need to use the software, giving you flexibility and the option to scale as your business grows. 

What industries do you typically serve?

Understanding what experience potential providers have working with other businesses in your industry is useful as it will give you confidence that the software can successfully be applied for your needs.

This is especially important if you work in highly regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare or insurance as it will give you an idea of the types of use cases you can address with the electronic signature technology. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for customer testimonials and see for yourself how the technology has worked for other businesses. Often, reviews can give you a much more authentic outlook on the provider as a whole and help you make an informed decision. 

Does the platform allow company branding?

Your brand is what sets you apart from your competitors and should be visible on all of your platforms, including your electronic signature software. 

Look for a solution which allows you to customise documents with your branding so that you can provide a consistent brand image to your customers. 

While there is no one size fits all approach to finding the best eSignature solution for your business, by asking the above questions, you can be sure that you are equipped with the knowledge to make a smart decision. 

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