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Affiliate Marketing Trends | Signable Affiliates

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Compared to 2020, affiliate programs have jumped up in importance on publisher agendas this year. It’s because they’re so effective. Plus, business has moved almost entirely online. Much like reviews, and similarly trusted, affiliate or referral schemes are taking over the e-commerce marketplace. But, it all started with technology and Saas companies. 

Whether you have a knack for promoting or just know of someone who could benefit from going paperless, you can join our affiliate program to bring the right product to the right person. So, we take a look at the biggest trends in referral marketing and how to use these to become a Signable Affiliate. 

First of all, it seems obvious, but the biggest publishing trend for affiliates in 2021 will see the growth of honest reviews of products. Whether it’s on your blog, on your social media, on a video platform, or in an email, it’s one of the best ways to tell people about a product. Keeping your feelings transparent and honest will reflect the integrity of the review. So it’s always best to promote something you believe in.  

Next is the increase in niche readers. If the readers of your blog or website are relevant to the product, it will provide good context for your affiliate link.

More and more niche groups, blogs, communities, threads, and publications are founded (especially as we move to online communication), that it will be even more important to represent the right product to the right group. Affiliate marketing needs more and more niche readers, which is where you can help.

The majority of tech referrals come from direct recommendations, by word of mouth. But, there’s also a growing trend of multichannel affiliate marketing, especially through webinars. Through running a webinar with your clients or interested parties, you can speak directly to them and send your offer straight into their inboxes.

Another new channel becoming more important to affiliates will be podcasts, as they are a similar ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendation.

So what have our customers said?

Signable’s affiliate program allows you to earn a 10% recurring commission for every single paying customer you refer, apart from Pay-As-You-Go. We provide you with a tracking dashboard to monitor payments, track leads and customise your affiliate link. You get a pack of visual assets and information for your ads. 

And, crucially, you do not need to be a Signable customer to become an affiliate. You will be paid monthly directly into your account of choice. We like to make it easy for you to track the customers you bring to us. 

We have affiliates across all industries, including property, law, sales, finance, HR, and Recruitment. If you see an industry that could benefit from Signable, don’t hesitate to let them know (and share your affiliate link!). 

Hudson Accountants have said,

“The saving in printing and postage more than covers the very modest cost of the software. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Signable to anyone who wants to run an efficient business.”

Sedgemoor District Council tell us of the environmental benefits of using Signable, 

“A huge amount of paper and ink has been saved and therefore there are great environmental benefits. Signable allows us to work safely and concentrate on helping our clients without the faff of working with piles of paper that were previously used and required scanning.”

Avanti Recruitment recommends Signable even more because of its affordability and ease of use. 

“Brilliant. Signable is well priced and there are a good amount of options as additional features to help increase the speed in which our contracts are signed – Especially the Templates feature.” 

Thinking of joining the affiliate program?

Thinking you can help someone out by recommending Signable? Interested in becoming a Signable affiliate and joining the program?

Learn more about becoming an affiliate and sign up today to start earning a steady income.

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