Automate festive campaigns with Bulk Send: November 2023 product insights

Automate festive campaigns with Bulk Send: November 2023 product insights

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December is just around the corner, bringing with it the start of the festive season, and for many businesses, the sheer panic of organising festive campaigns. 

From hiring temporary staff, to renewing contracts in preparation for the new year, the festive period can be a stressful time for many businesses. But it doesn’t have to be!

Signable’s Bulk Send feature can help automate those tedious tasks and take the frustration out of the festivity. How, you ask? Here’s everything you need to know…

What is Bulk Send?

If you’ve not yet heard of Signable’s Bulk Send feature, then it’s time to come out from under your rock and get to know this time saving solution.

Available to customers on our medium plan and above, the Bulk Send functionality allows Signable users to send documents to multiple recipients in one go, in just a few simple steps.

Gone are the days of sending documents to each individual recipient or attempting a mail merge with disastrous consequences. With Bulk Send, simply upload your documents, add in your contact data and let the Signable platform do the hard work for you.

Here’s how it works:

Bulk Send use cases in festive campaigns

Wondering how to streamline your festive campaigns and make life a little easier this Christmas? Our Bulk Send feature lends itself to a wide range of use cases and industries. Here’s just a few:

Hiring seasonal staff

Industries such as retail rely heavily on an influx of temporary staff over the festive season. Getting these contracts sent and signed quickly is key, as getting staff trained and on the shop floor or warehouse in time for the busy period is crucial. 

Sending these contracts in bulk and being able to keep track of their status within the Signable platform is just one way of automating and streamlining this process.

Renewing contracts for 2024

As the festive season approaches, things like annual leave, or company wide shut-down periods are likely to increase. Because of this, businesses must prepare for the renewal of annual contracts in advance. 

Using the Bulk Send functionality, businesses can save time preparing and sending contracts, thus enabling them to be sent and signed much quicker. Planning for 2024 can therefore commence much earlier, ensuring a seamless transition into the new year. 

Student housing

This time of the year is popular amongst students when it comes to organising accommodation for the following year. Many students will be looking to sign contracts during this time and so it’s crucial property management companies are prepared.

Signable’s Bulk Send feature can once again speed up the contract signing process and minimise delays further down the line. 

Tips for a seamless festive campaign

Here’s how to take the stress out of planning your festive campaign using automation:

  • Utilise templates – Setting up standardised documents such as contracts or rental agreements as a template in your Signable account can save you even more time when it comes to sending your documents for electronic signature.
  • Get to know our automatic reminder function – Keeping track of who’s signed what can be difficult at the best of times. With an increase in annual leave over the festive period, it’s easy for documents to be missed. Minimise delays by setting automatic reminders for your signers. 
  • Try out our integrations – Connect your CRM with Signable to save manually transferring data between systems. Our Zapier integration means you can connect Signable with over 6,000 popular apps. Check it out and let us know what you think. 

With Signable’s Bulk Send feature, the festive period can go back to being joyous once more. Automate your workflows with Signable to save time, reduce errors, and watch your festive campaigns unfold seamlessly. 

Stay Seamless with Signable

Ready to experience the efficiency of Signable’s Bulk Send feature this festive season? Sign up for a 14-day free trial and get started right away.