Community Organisers Case Study

Community Organisers Case Study

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Who are Community Organisers?

Community Organisers is a national body established to support the training and development of community organising in England. Their work engages residents in the most deprived parts of the country and helps make where they live a better place. Currently run by a small team of three core staff, with a membership of 250 plus.

Louise Pedan manages Community Organisers’ projects, and so constantly needs Offer Letters and contracts signed by Grantees. As an independent company working remotely around the country, and certain documents needing several different signers; Louise started looking for a cost-effective solution that would finalise things quicker.

Their problem…

When resources are limited, eSigning maximises your processes.

Electronic signatures were not a concept that Louise was aware of at first, but after a colleague received a document to sign via Signable, Louise started investigating…

“I looked at a few online but they looked more complicated and I needed simplicity! We were about to open up our membership so it will be brilliant for this … After the free 14 day tester, which was great, I saw how it would work for us.”
Community Organisers

Our solution…

“If I can use it – anyone can!”

Louise describes herself as “a non-tech savvy person”, and so dreaded taking on a new technology tool – but once she got started with Signable’s user-friendly software, she was away! “ The fact that you can get an overview of what is signed and what is pending is very useful. If I can use it with ease anyone can!”

“I had problems logging one day due to an error on my part with my password but I emailed for support and got a response the same day which was brilliant.”
Louise, Community Organisers
map organisers

Signable helps Community Organisers stay connected with their distributed team throughout the UK.

After embracing e-signatures, Community Organisers have saved the company both time and money and helped the team stay connected.

Now that Signable is up and running, the Community Organisers office is enjoying the benefits of going paperless. There’s no more waiting for signed contracts that are “in the post” and scanning documents for emailing is a thing of the past.

“We are pretty much paperless so this is important to me. It’s made my life much easier all round with regards to this aspect of my role.”
Community Organisers