Electronic Signatures for Automotive

Close deals faster and keep track of paperwork with electronic signatures for car dealerships

Signable is a leading electronic signature solution for car dealerships, rentals, and hundreds of other businesses across the Automotive industry. 

Looking for the best electronic signature provider for car dealerships? Our Automotive Industry Guide is packed with information on how to streamline operations, improve the efficiency of car rental agreement contracts, and save time and money.

Automotive use cases:

  • Car sale contracts
  • Purchase orders
  • Insurance documents
  • Quality control documents
  • Warranty documents
  • Car rental agreements
  • Short term contract car hires
  • Repair and maintenance requests
  • Fleet management

Speed up sales processes

Learn more about eSignatures for Financial Services in our complete PDF guide

Why choose Signable?

Stay connected

Seamlessly integrate eSignatures into your sales platform

Signable’s widgets and embedded signing options seamlessly integrate electronic signatures into existing workflows, CRM systems and applications. Customers can sign sales contracts or rental agreements from within your own platform, improving the security of data and enhancing user experience. Take seamless electronic signing a step further with our API key: available on all of our paid plans at no extra cost.

Minimise paperwork

Create customised sales packs for clients

Need to send a completed copy of a car sales contract? Or want to send a warranty document alongside a purchase order or insurance document? With Signable, car dealerships and rentals can group multiple documents together to send in one envelope. Reduce paperwork and manual processes by sending documents electronically with Signable.

Streamline processes

Upload important documents for simple, efficient signing

The upload field function allows customers to upload important documents to car sales or rental agreements, such as ID and insurance information. Keep all important documents in one place and ensure compliance with a full audit trail for each signed document.

Industry integrations

iVech – Vehicle rental software

iVech is a vehicle rental and lease management system that has been designed to give maximum security and control of the vehicle fleet and handle your accounts, customers and invoices.

“The support that Signable provides is incredibly useful. When our Sales team have had any queries, contacting Signable customer support has been easy, and they have been really helpful.”


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