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FieldMotion – SaaS

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Fieldmotion Ltd was established in 2012 and caters for businesses through the UK, Ireland, US and Australia, with their Head Office based in Northern Ireland.

Specialising in Workflow & Field Service Management Software, they work to enable field workers to complete all paperwork digitally. As a company that already recognises the benefits of paperless processes, they were on the lookout for their own solution to up efficiency…

paperless productivity

Paperless productivity

Fieldmotion’s business is based on contract sales, which potential customers need to sign before any deals are closed. Fieldmotion also send out contracts to potential end user clients and also to potential Partners for their Partner Distribution Channel. As this can become very time consuming, a lot of their business is done over the phone. But when that isn’t possible, deals can take considerably longer to close. This is where Signable stepped in.

No strangers to adopting software solutions; FieldMotion  were already experimenting with paperless processes to speed up business, and had already looked into using e-signatures. But it wasn’t working quite right. After a Google search Anthony McLoughlin, based in Head Office, found Signable, and signed up for a free trial.

“We had looked at a number of e-signature providers before going with Signable but having looked into all options, we found Signable to be the easiest to use and most cost effective.”

An easy transition that upped efficiency

Changing processes can usually mean a lot of work for a company, but FieldMotion found switching to Signable a straightforward process. And have taken advantage of tthe support Signable offers:

“Signable was very easy to implement across our company and each employee was able to receive a login and start to use the system straight away … Any interactions with the Signable team and support staff have always been first rate and they have always been on hand to help us out no matter what we required.”

Now that they’ve made the transition, FieldMotion are enjoying the benefits of contacting potential clients directly, whilst also being able to track the stage that particular document is at. Sending up to 20 documents a week through Signable:

“Signable has saved us a significant amount of both time and money. Time, in that we no longer have to wait days for contracts to be returned by post or printed off by a customer and returned signed and money in that we have saved dramatically on postage costs.”