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As a healthcare provider you shouldn’t be weighed down by paperwork, and let’s face it paperwork isn’t why you went into healthcare in the first place. With Signable you can get back to providing efficient and cost-effective care with electronic signatures for healthcare.

Improving efficiency and removing bottlenecks in healthcare

Switching your out-dated, slow processes to digital ones save you huge amounts of time and money. Plus we take away the need to follow-up with patients, agents & colleagues. Signable gives you an upgraded patient experience and helps organise the essential care you provide. 


Healthcare use cases: 

  • Notice of privacy practices
  • Patient consents
  • New patient forms
  • Physician credentialing
  • HIPAA forms
  • Provider agreements
  • Medical record updates
  • Claims processing
  • Agent/broker onboarding

How do eSignatures help?

Eliminate bottlenecks

With frequent paperwork bottlenecks in healthcare, it’s a no brainer that lengthy document processes need to be shortened. Online documents help increase the efficiency of staff and simplify every stage of your patient onboarding and other processes. 

This also means paper documents don’t need to be scanned in or re-typed, especially with rushed handwriting confusing this process even further. 


Access information on the go

With the use of the Signable app, you can take it everywhere with you, meaning you can get an in-person electronic signature. The information is all stored in the cloud to be accessed wherever you are. With electronic signatures for healthcare you never have to chase signatures, everything is available at the touch of a screen. 

Security of information guaranteed

Our secure SSL Encryption ensures that all data you input across our software is encrypted from third-parties. We host all our data in the EU and use the AWS data centre in the UK to host the majority of our data. 

You can also be sure that patients don’t omit data when filling out forms, as all required fields have to be filled out before the document can be submitted. 

You have full control over who in your organisation is able to view any given document meaning your patients’ information remains highly confidential.


Legal certification & compliance

We comply with eIDAS regulations to ensure your documents are legally binding in any court. The UK is set left the European Union on January 31st 2020. The eIDAS regulations are still enforced, if, before the exit date you have used an e-signature service, whether based in the UK or EU, this will continue to be recognised in the UK and the EU.

Once everyone has signed the document, you’ll get a full copy of the completed document, and full legal certification attached showing:


  • Each signing party
  • Dates, IP addresses, and fingerprints
  • A full audit log


Integration with CRMs

Integrate Signable with your CRM for a seamless experience to further simplify the signing process. Our API is free to use for all of our plans. We will give you all the documentation for you to hit the ground running.


Concerned about legality and security of your client’s information? See our full legality guide here.


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