Why You Should Invest In eSignatures

Why You Should Invest In eSignatures

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Establishing clear business goals – and understanding how you’ll achieve them – is the key to success.

After a year beset with uncertainty, many business owners plan to grow in 2022. If you’re one of them, you might be considering hiring more employees, introducing a new product range, entering a new market or upgrading some outdated equipment to a unique model that will enable you to run more efficiently.

For the latter, eSignatures are a perfect addition to your business process, meaning you can finally say goodbye to paper documents that have been holding you back for all of these years! 

We have summarised some of the key benefits of investing in eSignatures for your business to kick-start the year. Let’s get cracking.

Invest in increased security and tracking for your clients

​​In today’s world, we have so many cross border communications happening with the exchange of documents and trade alliances. It becomes necessary to securely store important documents after the signing is done in an environment like this. 

Our eSignatures are safe and secure, with SSL encryption on every page you visit on the Signable website. This means that no one can snoop on your password or the documents you send and sign using our services. You can instantly see which clients have outstanding documents to sign and add their e-signature to digitally and which documents have been accepted or rejected, and their date processed. 

Nexus is a business IT service to help clients realise the value of their investment. 

Nexus was tired of the long, slow, email-print-sign-scan-email cycles. They desperately needed something to help cut out the unnecessary steps in their contract processes that put their security at risk.

“We wanted a brand-able service and one that used team permissions to preserve confidentiality.” Nexus Case Study

And, that is the beauty of eSignatures. Nexus was able to have a fully personalisable document service that also mitigated the risk of security breaches due to their new sleek process. 

Increase your offering at a cost-effective price 

Signable can aid your online purchase process, allowing customers to book in services and get a confirmation in a matter of minutes, allowing you to close more deals in 2022. An average of 4 weeks is lost each year waiting on misfiled, mislabeled, untracked, or lost documents. Spend your time on other more pressing parts of business this year! 

ClickMechanic found Signable was the best choice for them, and now they send over a hundred documents a month with us.

“We compared a lot of the options and decided that Signable offered us the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution.” – ClickMechanic Case Study 

Benefit from an eSignature integration 

Signable integrates with various tools, syncing them with your customer’s info and streamlining how you send your documents, making it easier to use an e signature in your day to day business. When you invest in eSignatures, you open the doors to a wide array of cross-platform capabilities that transform your product or service overnight. 

We currently integrate with: 

Are you looking for an addition to your CRM system this year? There are multiple ways to integrate your electronic signature and CRM software. We provide an open API that allows developers to build custom integrations.

This means that your development team can build the integration into your software however you want.

Signable also has a Capsule integration. This means that you won’t need to develop software to integrate Capsule.

The potential of an eSignature API and advanced offerings for your business 

Using our API, you can integrate Signable with your existing internal system for streamlined electronic signing.

The Signable API is quick to integrate, flexible and scalable, meaning companies of all sizes can use it. The test mode acts like a Sandbox where you can experiment with sending documents without sending out anything publicly.

The Signable API is straightforward to use, but a powerful tool built for developers and trusted by businesses. 

Using the Signable API will help you to:

  • Send documents quicker
  • Save time when managing your documents
  • Pull data into Signable from your own CRM
  • Send higher volumes of documents

Our API can be used to integrate with current processes or can be used to build eSigning into your software. One of our customers, Weinig Holz-Her, opted to integrate with another sales platform. 

“We import signed contracts into Salesforce via Signable’s API.” – Weinig Holz-Her Case Study

Are you ready to make the first of many clever business

We have a range of flexible monthly plans for however many documents you need to send. We also offer a pay as you go option which costs £1 per envelope. Check them out here.

Check out our free Introduction to eSignatures eBook, which you can download from here and outlines all the signature basics you will need—covering security and legal information as well as providing customer case studies.

Sold? Join over 6000+ companies worldwide who use Signable daily. 

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