Investing in candidate experience pays off | Signable eSignatures

Investing in candidate experience pays off | Signable eSignatures

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Our latest guest post is aimed towards our readers in the recruitment sector and comes from Miira, Head of Marketing, at Talent Adore. We’re big on transparency and using tech to make sure clients receive clear communication and good service, which is why we at Signable think you’ll enjoy Miira’s guide on ensuring you’re giving the best candidate experience.


“We pursue transparency in our workplace. Therefore, we want to be transparent in our recruitment as well. We appreciate every single candidate applying a job with us and want to treat them well. They deserve it!

Are you already familiar with Candidate Experience? If not, you must at least know what customer experience is. Candidate experience comes pretty close to that — it describes how candidates feel when they are in touch with a potential employer. Candidate experience starts from when a candidate is searching information about a company and it carries on through the application and interview process. All communication points have an impact.

You need to invest in Candidate Experience if you want to win the war for talent. Candidates who are mistreated during the recruitment process do not apply to the same company again. They also share the negative experiences with their friends and the word spreads.

When there are a lot of recruitments, and applications are piling up, doing everything manually gets tricky. Sure recruiters would love to communicate with all of their candidates but the lack of time becomes an issue. We found that TalentAdore has an answer to this problem, by inventing a Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) that handles everything from job postings to hiring decisions.

We see the importance of Candidate Experience and wanted to learn all about it. Consequently, we downloaded a Definitive Guide to Candidate Experience, written by Miira Leinonen, the Head of Marketing at TalentAdore. The guide did not cost us anything and we found it very useful. If you also want to download the guide, just click the cover here: