Rewards for Awesome Service

Rewards for Awesome Service

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Awesome service

Providing awesome consistent customer service is one of the key components that can make the difference between a good business and a successful business.

Every market and business is driven by it’s customers. Growth in every sector means more competition, and so the importance of awesome service is easily underestimated. Too much time and focus at the beginning can be centred around process rather than looking at the actual customer journey -without customers, you have no business!

Providing awesome, outstanding service can only benefit your business – and it does this in many ways. Often these are overlooked, which means that you see less of an ROI on service – which, in my opinion, when done well is your biggest profit metric.

The Impact of Awesome Service

So; in what ways can this application to customer service impact on your business?

1. Brand/Business Awareness

The most valuable way to share or promote business is from word of mouth. We can all say how great we are, but it’s our customers’ views that shout the loudest. If you have advocates or customers that like to shout about you to their network, then these are your strongest marketing tool. As you will have built their loyalty and trust through the service you have shown them.

2. Increased Customer Base from point 1

The service that has been shouted about brings on new customers, and so, improves your market share. And by continuing to improve/evolve your service levels, you automatically retain more customers – this has a direct effect as you will reduce churn throughout the business.

3. Learning

By extending your service levels and actively seeking feedback, you are allowing your customers to communicate any points they feel need to be revised. This helps you to grow your knowledge, which also allows you to evolve appropriately for your customers.

4. Inhouse Motivation

Satisfied customers have a direct influence on in-house team members. Where you increase the service levels, this allows (as said above) a reduction in churn. Which in turn alleviates pressure from sales teams as there is stability in place. Employee retention is therefore increased, saving you large recruitment costs. This goes full circle, as customers can tell they are speaking to a happy employee, building the trust and association even more.

This list obviously is not an exhaustive list of benefits. But it does show how each point has an important impact. And how investing in an awesome team that put customers first, can truly benefit every business.