Download your free furlough contract template

Sample Furlough Letter

What your sample Furlough Letter includes:

  • What Furlough means for the employee
  • Government guidance links and support statements to help explain Furlough
  • Full support & links to official Government guidance
  • Editable areas for personalisation to your company
  • Compatible with Signable’s Merge Field feature for easy employee personalisation in-app (adding name etc)

Download the free Furlough Contract Template here

Using Merge Fields to pre-fill personal information

What do Merge fields allow you to do?

Merge Fields give you access to easy personalisation of each document you send out. So, all you need to do is set up one document in your Signable account using the Templates feature, and make all the fields you want to customise, a ‘merge field’.

The video below explains how to set up a merge field and what it looks like on your end as well as the signer’s. Meaning you can edit you Sample Furlough Letter for your company and for each employee if you wish.





Furlough definition

The word originated in the US, and does usually cover military personnel, or service people, but has come to apply to workers who have been granted a ‘leave of absence’ in the case of the coronavirus epidemic.

Otherwise known as the government’s Employee Retention Scheme, Furlough sees the government providing 80% of a worker’s pay up to £2,500 per worker per month. The government will also reimburse employers’ National Insurance contributions and any auto-enrolment pension contributions payable on the 80%.

Many companies across the UK have been under pressure to continue to pay their workers, but with very little income for some, it’s proving difficult to stay above water. Furlough is the perfect alternative to laying off or redundancies, as employees will still be paid and kept as employees. Meaning that the company can focus on covering costs essential to its future as a business. 


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