Signable Charity Discount To Help Your Business.

Signable Charity Discount To Help Your Business.

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Signable charity discounts

If you haven’t heard already, we recently launched a unique program for a growing and essential consumer base on our platform – our charity discounts.

We appreciate the work and time charities put in. And, for that, we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to show how much we care. Our charity customers are some of the hardest-working people we know.

So, it felt only suitable to give something back to those who give their time to help others. Our Signable charity discount is just one of the ways we aim to do this.

Charities fund 60% of cancer research in the UK and over 40% of all medical research

Charities add more value (GVA) to the UK economy than either the arts or agriculture sectors

Which charities currently use Signable?

Community Organisers – Their story.

Community Organisers is a national body established to support the training and development of community organising in England. 

Their work engages residents in the most deprived parts of the country and helps make where they live a better place. Currently run by a small team of three core staff, with a membership of 250 plus.

Louise Pedan manages Community Organisers’ projects, and so constantly needs Offer Letters and contracts signed by Grantees. 

As an independent company working remotely around the country, and certain documents needing several different signers; Louise started looking for a cost-effective solution that would finalise things quicker.

Electronic signatures were not a concept that Louise was aware of at first, but after a colleague received a document to sign via Signable, Louise started investigating…

“I looked at a few online but they looked more complicated and I needed simplicity! We were about to open up our membership so it will be brilliant for this … After the free 14 day tester, which was great, I saw how it would work for us.”

How can Signable charity vouchers help your non-profit organization?

Working in the non-profit sector is a demanding role to take on. It involves working hard, managing teams of volunteers, a lot of organisation, keeping a distributed team connected and all the while keeping costs down. 

Use cases:

  • Membership forms
  • Volunteer training forms
  • Supplier approval forms
  • Media release forms

Interested in reading more about how Signable has helped other non-profit organisations? We have created a handy industry guide to better inform you! 

How to claim your Signable charity discount

To make life just that little bit easier for you, contact us to claim your Signable charity discount. To claim your charity discounts you must be a registered charity with a registration number, if so, follow the steps below:

  1. Contact our Customer Team via email, phone or chat to verify your registration number
  2. Get your voucher code from our Customer Team
  3. Select your Signable plan
  4. Apply your voucher code
  5. Happy eSigning!

Some charities that we are already working with: