5 ways to grow your tech skills – UK tech firm advice

5 ways to grow your tech skills – UK tech firm advice

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Why UK tech is booming, but many of us aren’t keeping up…

UK tech firms are showing how integral tech is now for modern business. However, sitting at your desk for hours on end, with sore wrists, dry eyes and just feeling simply exhausted is not a good way to get any work done.

Computer-work is an unfortunate fact of working life for so many of us. If you’re suffering from computer-overexposure and you want to boost your tech skills in other ways, this could be just the right article you’ve been looking for.

  1. Speak to Colleagues

Although virtually everything in your life currently may be computer-centric, it’s crucial to step back from your laptop every so often and to touch base with your colleagues. Sending out an email or speaking to them via instant message is all well and good. However, nothing can take the place of a good one-to-one.

A popular way to speak to other like-minded people is to attend a UK tech meetup group. You can find information on these online. You could also potentially attend events and conferences. Don’t worry either if you have limited experience. So long as you know how to network, you’ll meet many people who will provide you with help and point you in the right direction.

Often, it’s only through speaking to others that you can find your own inspiration.

Listen to Podcasts

You may not have already considered it but listening to a tech podcast could really help you to effectively hone your skills. Tech podcasts are some of the most common ones around. Hence, you have so many good-quality programs to choose from. You may want to catch up on the latest news or find out more about your specific field of interest. Whatever you want to know, podcasts are free and readily available too!

You don’t need to buy any expensive equipment. You can listen to your chosen podcast on your phone at any time of the day or night that’s convenient. Imagine having the freedom to just lie back and listen rather than slaving over your keyboard.

Read Books

It may seem like a concept that went out with the Ark, but there are still some very informative and current books around that can help you grow your tech skills. Try reading a tech magazine for some recommendations. Alternatively, have a look around the bookstore or ask colleagues for recommendations. You can read your book as far away from your computer as you would like!

Share your Knowledge with Someone Else

Sometimes the best way of grasping a concept is by explaining it to someone else. You can set the information straight in your own mind by explaining it to someone who doesn’t already know about it. This helps, as you need the other person to have a complete comprehension of what you’re trying to let them know. You also need to limit certain terminology and jargon, putting your idea into plain English.

Find a Hobby

You might not have already considered it but you can find a real-world offline pastime that can help you to improve your digital skills. For example, if you’re a web designer, you can draw or paint in your free time to help you refine your sense of perspective and colour. Or, playing a strategic board game could enable you to enhance your logical thinking.

If you either don’t currently own a computer or you’re sick and tired of the sight of yours, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy growing your tech skills.

Author bio:
Jen Starr is part of the community team at Next Day PC. Jen enjoys staying on top of the latest tech trends and sharing the information she finds with UK tech firms across the country.